MADISON, WI (Wisconsin Radio Network-WSAU) A veteran Wisconsin marijuana advocate is underwhelmed by the Democratic National Committee’s platform. The platform does not support the legalization of the drug.

Gary Storck, a long-time advocate for legalized marijuana in Wisconsin, says pot is still listed as a schedule one narcotic by the FDA. “Decriminalization? Yeah, that would be great. But still, that’s another 1970s idea. You know, this is 2020, and people are expecting a lot more… For example, they say that cannabis should be rescheduled. That was something that we talked about the 1970s. At this point, the only honest way to deal with cannabis is to completely remove it from the schedule.”

Strock says the platform that Hillary Clinton ran under was more ‘marijuana-friendly’ than what Joe Biden’s team is putting together. “Even a step backwards from 2016, then the platform for Hillary Clinton called for a path to legalization. So this is really several steps backwards.”

The DNC platform committee rejected an amendment calling on the party to support marijuana legalization as an official 2020 policy plank.

Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers has said he’d support the decriminalization of small amounts of marijuana intended for personal use. He’s been blocked by the Republican-controlled state legislature. Several neighboring states, including Michigan and Illinois, have legalized marijuana.


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