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Here’s what happens after vaping for a month. Healthier than smokes!
Same experiment SMOKING a month https://youtu.be/HD__r66sFjk
Same experiment WEED for a month https://youtu.be/D1U4tkxIfG4

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::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: EXPLANATION of the test ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

* same experiment SMOKING 30 packs of Cigarettes a month https://youtu.be/HD__r66sFjk

* same experiment SMOKING 1 pack of Cigarettes a day https://youtu.be/AQwIDiL8gOM

* same experiment SMOKING only one Cigarette https://youtu.be/YS02MCx9f2c

* same experiment SMOKING WEED for a month https://youtu.be/D1U4tkxIfG4

* same experiment SMOKING only one JOINT https://youtu.be/JT5sePJVEWc

* the video shines a very positive light on vaping! If you missed that, please watch the video again!

* the cotton was almost all white at the end. The slight discolouration on some were caused by “spit back” of the vape liquid . Spit back happens if the vape pen is slightly overfilled causing tiny droplets of pure vape juice to be ejected from the pen mouth. Other than that, the cotton was virtually clear.

* the results would be even better without nicotine. With vaping you can adjust the amount of nicotine in the liquid and eventually reduce it to zero, then stop vaping completely.

* do not take up vaping unless you smoke cigarettes. Vaping is not for kids and is not for fun.

* Anything you put in your lungs is bad for you. If you smoke deadly cigarettes, get off them and start vaping, then eventually get off vape.

* if you are age 10-20 do not just start vaping for fun. Your lungs are still developing and vaping could damage them. When you turn 21, you will have the maturity to research if vaping is right for you.

* Scientists and experts agree vaping is 95% less deadly than smoking. There’s still that 5% of unknown though. That’s why you shouldn’t just start vaping if you don’t smoke. Kids, don’t vape!!

* Vaping is a cessation device (a thing to help you stop smoking) to get you off of smoking deadly cigarettes. If you don’t smoke, don’t vape. It’s not for kids. Kids, don’t vape!!!

* the button was held for 4-6 seconds each time

* I personally do not vape and have never smoked.

* the average vape user vapes 60 – 120ml per month (vape company data)

* total of 120ml of vape juice was vaped in this video

* it took 3 days to shoot and vape all of the liquid.

* the vapour cloud was constantly being exhaled through the exhale tube and clearly shown at 0:49

* the same amount of vape “cloud” comes out of 120ml of juice no matter if it’s over an hour, a day, a month, or a year. Same amount of vape cloud. Time frame doesn’t matter.

* I used 2 identical vape pens and used two .5 ohm coils for the whole experiment. Yes, that’s right. I used the same 2 coils for the test. They worked perfectly throughout.

* neither of the coils burned out or stopped working

* the tank chamber was never allowed to go low or dry. The cotton was never allowed to burn.

* the air vents on the vape pen were at max air flow.

* the difference between the vaping for a month video and the smoking for a month video is jaw dropping

* water condensation did accumulate in the dome over the 3 days but you probably breathe just as much moisture when you take a shower.

* quitting smoking altogether is the best option. Second best option is to vape.

* my opinion after doing the 2 unscientific experiments with smoking and vaping are…..”no wonder so many people die from smoking!”

* Note about why I promote vape pen in the description. With it being healthier than smoking, I encourage people to visit the vape site to make it simple for anyone wanting to make the change from cigarettes to vape. I’m possibly saving a life, and secondly, it helps support my channel. If you think I’m just promoting a product, then just click away to another video.

* I think everyone agrees we must do our part to give kids a good start with a healthy life and do our best to prevent youngsters from taking up these poor habits. If you smoke tobacco, use a vape pen or smoke cannabis, never let children or kids see you do it. If they see an adult doing it, they think it’s ok. Make sure you are out of sight at home, at schools, outside of arenas or at parks .

I used Royalty Free Music https://www.bensound.com “Dreams”


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