What is Cannabidiol (CBD) oil?

Marijuana contains two types of cannabinoids: CBD and THC. CBD is the medicinal cannabinoid responsible for curing an array of ailments. THC, on the other hand, is the component responsible for the “high” effect experienced by marijuana users. However, there is controversy around CBD oil’s purported effectiveness against various ailments.


While CBD oil is a major component of the marijuana plant, much of the CBD oil you’ll find on the market is derived from hemp, a close cousin of the conventional marijuana plant. According to the World Health Organization, prolonged use of CBD oil does not result in dependence or indicators of abuse. Besides, no public health problem has been linked to the use of CBD oil.


Can I buy CBD oil in the UK?


Medical cannabis has been legal in the United Kingdom since 1st November 2018 but that has been limited to a certain type of medical condition. Since CBD oil qualifies as medical cannabis, it can be acquired via NHS, but that’s only possible when you meet a set criterion.


There are some standards to meet. For instance, you can only buy CBD oil with a THC content of 0.02 percent or less. THC itself has been a controlled substance in the UK since 1971. Source:


First off, the CBD oil must be obtained from an industrial-standard Hemp strain approved by the European Union (with the looming BREXIT, this law might be adjusted). One of the reasons of the UK allows tiny amounts of the THC to be present in CBD even though the THC is responsible for the toxicity and hallucination is because some illnesses would only subside with its presence.


According to the UK’s Misuse of Drug Act, cannabis is recognized as a Class B drug, but CBD oil is not recognized as a controlled substance. This has caused misunderstandings among people, some who have come to believe that they can grow their own hemp or cannabis at home. However, it is still illegal to cultivate hemp or marijuana in private establishments. All CBD producers operating in the UK must acquire permission and license from the UK government’s Home Office before starting operations.


Likewise, you can only sell CBD oil to the public if you are a licensed and practicing medical distributor if you are selling as a nutrition supplement. If you sell it this way, Food Supplements Regulations 2003 (England) requires you to label your product properly.




The only way you can buy CBD oil in the UK for personal use is by buying it as a nutrition supplement. Otherwise, you must meet certain criteria to acquire it via NHS as a medicine. Epilepsy patient accounts for the lion’s share of the total CBD oil sold in the UK. The law requires CBD oil sold in the UK to possess 0.02 percent THC (which is too small to cause noticeable hallucinations and cannot be separated from the CBD oil by users. The only exception to this rule is Sativax – a drug used to treat multiple sclerosis – which contains a 50/50 mix of CBD and THC.

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