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The cannabis industry is thus always trying to utilize various hacks to get around with Facebook’s and other anti-cannabis ad policy. Let’s see how they are doing it:

Influencer Marketing

Cannabis businesses are increasingly paying social media influencers to get them to talk about the cannabis products.

Big cannabis brands like Incredibles and Wana have increased their influencer marketing budget significantly over the past few years. Marijuana delivery services such as Eaze, SpeedWeed, and GreenRush are also using influencers to promote their services.
Influencers are in a unique position to share almost anything they are passionate about without any threat of removal or shutting down.

Many brands are now trying to capitalize on that.

Branded Content by Publishers

Caviar Gold, a cannabis company from Nevada, joined with the popular cannabis news website Herb to create a video that advertised its marijuana flavored products.

The video was published on Herb’s Facebook account which has around 10 million followers. Though it showed cannabis products, the Facebook algorithm allowed the video to spread out because it was an editorial and not highly promotional.

Krista Whitley, who worked on the video with Caviar Gold, said that “it’s a tactic that has always worked on Facebook, even before the platform began tightening its control of weed ads in the summer of 2016“.

Moral of the story is that you can sponsor editorial content that subtly promotes your business and helps you get away with the anti-cannabis ad policy.

Search Engine Optimization for Cannabis

Around 38 million people in the united states suffer from Migraine and 2-3 million of them encounter chronic Migraine.

Meanwhile, many studies including ones that were published by National Institutes of Health have revealed that cannabis can be very effective in alleviating Migraine pain.

So, no surprise that keywords like “ Cannabis for Migraine”, “Best CBD Strains for Migrane” or “best edibles for Migraines, are quite popular in the US.

Many cannabis companies are trying to capitalize on these searches made around marijuana keywords. By default, SEO is an almost unregulated marketing channel as search engine business models don’t allow for any manual intervention.

As a result, there is much more flexibility about what you can say or show than paid ads.

So, to attract more customers to your cannabis business, you need to conjure up strategies that can beat the Facebook and other social media platforms’ anti-cannabis policy.

At FWA Marketing, we’ve had great success in utilizing all 3 of these strategies with cannabis companies, especially SEO. It’s the best solution for generating long-term relevant traffic from your targeted audience.

The people that are actively searching for keywords related to your business have the best chance of converting into customers. Meanwhile the nature of long term rankings ensure that this quality traffic keeps on coming.

Now that videos can rank even above popular websites on google search, we use video marketing to drive targeted traffic to keywords similar to SEO strategies.

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