There are a lot of misconceptions and misinformation about Hemp and Marijuana. Often interchanged, these two plants do look similar because they do belong to the same species but they are different plants. They both contain Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC but Hemp only has less than 1% while Marijuana has 5% to 20% which gives its user the feeling of being high. And while most people only settle for this information which does not go beyond their image of being associated with drugs, they miss out on the health benefits that its derivatives can bring. 

Purpose and Use 

Marijuana and Hemp are always taught to be only smoked and would eventually result in addiction. It is often one way you can have a run in the law because there are still a lot of countries that prohibit its use for recreational purposes. The purpose of the CDB derived from these plants is strictly for health only. Aside from the problems mentioned, they can address other problems through the use of its different forms. The oil form can be taken sublingually and can address a lot of these illnesses. The most notable part called the CBD Flower can be used with a vape to cure anxiety and stress among people who are under so much pressure. There are also topicals which are balms and lotions for different skin problems. Other products include chewable, gum, and even sprays. These would all depend on your needs.

Association with Addictive Drugs

In popular culture, hemp and marijuana are commonly portrayed as addictive substances with no other value other than making people high. Especially in the media, television, and films, it is often associated with crime and other illicit behaviors. This is the reason why people frown upon the idea of using these plants for medicinal purposes. The CBD component of these plants has long been a subject for research in the field of medicine. A lot of the results conclude their effectiveness in a lot of health conditions including Epilepsy, Chronic pain, inflammation, and even mental health problems. There are doctors who prescribe the use of its medicinal derivatives to address these health problems but patients given prescription are subjected first to thorough scrutiny. The use of medical marijuana and hemp are under a lot of law and medical restrictions. 

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Side Effects

Hemp and Marijuana are natural thus the derivatives can also be expected to be natural. Because of this, they have almost no side effects at all. This is the reason why a lot of patients prefer its use compared to pharmaceutical drugs that bring about painful side effects while trying to address the health problem. Lastly, there is no reason to worry about getting addicted even in long-term use because these are mostly stripped of the high THC percentage that causes being high. 

If you understand what Hemp and Marijuana are all about then you could open up opportunities for wellness. These are beneficial in terms of what they can contribute to health. They are also safe and not dangerous at all like how they are also portrayed. 

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