The medical Board of California has revoked the license of a doctor who prescribed a four year old boy with cannabis edibles.

However, Dr William Eidelman was not struck off for prescribing the cannabis. Instead, Dr William Eidelman, was accused of ‘negligent care’ for misdiagnosing the boy as having attention deficit disorder.

Attention deficit disorder can be caused by a deficiency of dopamine available to the brain. This can make it difficult for patients to concentrate. Medications such as adderall and ritalin encourage the body to synthesise more dopamine which can correct the deficiency. However, they have their own side effects. In recent years researchers have discovered cannabis can be successful in treating ADD by increasing the availability of dopamine which helps patients concentrate.

Many medical professionals do not believe there is enough scientific evidence available to recommend cannabis for the treatment of Attention Deficit Disorder. Despite this, it has become increasingly common for patients to medicate themselves with over the counter products including tinctures and CBD E Liquid

Cannabis had ‘Positive Effect’ on the boy

The boy’s father consulted Dr Eidelam in 2012 because his son was uncontrollable at school.

To control the misbehavior, the doctor prescribed small doses of cannabis which caused an uproar when the school nurse refused to give the boy his cannabis cookies at lunchtime.

Despite the controversy, the boy’s father believes the drug has had a positive effect on his child and his son is far more calm and attentive after his medication. The improvement in his behavior has enabled him to do better in school.

The father also suffers from severe ADD. Despite trying dozens of conventional medicines, his concentration only improved when using marijuana inside a cannabis vaporizer.

Dr Eidelman has launched an appeal against the medical board’s ruling. In the meantime he is able to continue his practice in California.

Medical Cannabis has been legal in California since 1996 and as such, thousands of men, woman and children have been successfully treated with the drug.


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