GLADWIN, Mich., May 13, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — With a singular goal of crafting the finest cannabis products available, the legendary Gage Green Group proudly announces its partnership with Artisan Boutique Authentic, an ambitious start-up recently formed to create artfully executed products for Michigan’s most discerning cannabis connoisseurs. 

In a unique creative collaboration, Gage Green and ABA Cannabis plan to partner on a Boutique Flower Release with a GGG Designer Cultivar. The prized clone, to be announced at release, will be grown at ABA’s brand-new, state of the art, purpose-built facility, under the close supervision of Gage. The goal is to implement Gage Green’s strict natural farming protocols using designer genetics to produce flowers that represent the highest standards in the industry.

This partnership is based on the two companies’ shared vision and philosophy, positioning their brands to the same high-end consumer, a smaller niche, which demands the highest quality product, packaging, performance and prestige. This sophisticated, knowledgeable consumer niche, of course, has very high standards which must be met consistently. This partnership is all about catering to this prized customer.

With a scheduled release in the Fall of 2021, the GGG/ABA partnership will present a limited bouquet for the most demanding cannabis connoisseurs. Says Nate Niehuus, founder and CEO of Artisan Boutique Authentic, “In an increasingly corporate industry, where so much of the quality of the plant has been diluted, our collaboration with Gage Green Group represents the way we would like to see the cannabis industry evolve. We strongly believe in quality over quantity, working closely with industry veterans, and that the future of cannabis should encompass more than a profit motive.

ABA Cannabis, a division of Fast Flower Farms, is an artisan cannabis brand supported by exclusive genetics and quality products. Backed by a solid investor team, ABA was recently formed under the leadership team of Nathan Niehuus, Michael Angelotti, and Zack Heinitz with nearly thirty years combined cultivation experience from various cannabis markets. ABA has access to a catalog of over 500+ genetics, via a partnership with Prima Clones, and is steeped in the solventless extraction processes, to provide top quality, unadulterated concentrates. 

Cannabis aficionados have applauded Gage’s legendary genetics for over two decades.  The creative forces behind GGG, Mike Fong and Jeff Selsor, have dedicated themselves to crafting flowers and seeds in an Advanced, Regenerative, Natural Farming Ecosystem (Organic) — the GGG BIODOME, created by natural farmers, scientists, artists and healers, the GGG BIODOME is a manifestation of centuries of combined experience to bring forth Heaven on Earth. Together, they have created 200+ unique crosses including Grape Stomper, Mendo Breath, Mango Puff, High School Sweetheart, & more. 

The renowned geneticists at Gage Green will play a major role in the collaboration, from clone selection to the company’s proprietary organic growing protocols. Says Michael Fong, “Michael Angelotti and I worked together in Mendocino for the Emerald Cup. I’m impressed by ABA’s experience, passion, and commitment to exploring the best this sacred plant has to offer, and I am thrilled to work with this amazing team.

This first project will establish the basis for similar projects between the two companies in the future. This project represents Gage Green Group’s first foray into the recreational cannabis market in Michigan.

The project will be documented and shared with the public via social media, press releases and special events.

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