“Everybody deserves access to fresh food,” Erin Garrison of Free Food Albuquerque said. “And there’s an abundance of fresh food just growing all over our community.”

Already, they have collected and donated around 200 pounds of produce.

At the Everest Cannabis Co. farm, the food is growing alongside 3/4th of an acre of cannabis. However, THC is not found in any of the plants because cannabis needs to be processed in specific ways in order for THC to be present. 

“We planted radishes,” Everest Cannabis Co. Outdoor Grow Manager Anni Telfer said. “And daikon radishes are a very popular thing to grow here in Albuquerque.”

In addition to radishes, the farm grows plants like pumpkins, which has leaves that provide shade on top of the soil. The shading reduces watering which helps with water conservation. 

Having a variety of plants also increases the diversity of microorganisms in the soil, which creates a beneficial relationship in a process called companion planting or sister cropping. 

Telfer is important to the partnership as she is a volunteer and lead harvester with Food is Free. Unsurprisingly, she is passionate about what she does. 

“Over time you can see that every decision you make actually takes physical shape,” Telfer said. “I love that. I love seeing the progres every day.”


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