There is not enough room for FOMO when you are living off-the-grid.

And why should there be? You can absolutely do whatever you want to, like growing your food, generating your own electricity, and growing your own cannabis.

Yes, you heard it right. You don’t have to challenge your deep-seated loyalty to cannabis when you can enjoy both together.

Although growing cannabis is not going to be easy – that’s a fact.

But then again, what’s the amusement of growing own weed without having wrestled with ‘cannabis, off the grid’ challenges?

These real-life wrestles won’t end until you have harvested your cannabis.

But have faith and put those cannabis seeds to good use.

Strains are different - work on your seed.

Knowing what strain you have won’t cost a cent.

But guess why it’s so important?

Cannabis has hundreds of strains – count yourself lucky – but no two strains can be the same, and so neither are growth requirements and outcomes.

The seed is MASTER OF ITS SEA, and you have to learn your strain, so you can give it the exact conditions that are necessary for it to grow. Lookup if your strain is a Sativa or Indica…it will save you from half the ‘growth problems.’

Let’s give you a quick flashback; warmth and hot climates are sativa favorites.

Indica strains can pick up the pace with cold turbulent temperatures.

Cutting it short, if you are living somewhere sunny, count on Sativa dominant strains. And trust Indica dominant strains when the climate around you is harsh and cold.

Find the right spot – Plant’s happy place.

Move your legs.

No jokes, but cannabis has to have space.

And owing to your living off the grid passion, you’re not short of it.

Look out for a wide patch nearby or pots with direct sunlight availability. You can play with your options as well, either to grow them indoors or outdoors, because THE SUN is the real deal here.

See, cannabis is a ‘hungry for sunlight’ plant, and it needs long hours of direct sunlight banging on its doors to cultivate. And for this particular reason, you may want to go with the ‘grow cannabis outdoors’ option.

Just tag your private space, so nobody dares to mess with it.

Leaving the above choices up to you, let’s move onto the basics of growing cannabis off-grid.

Pots, germination, and new beginnings 

You can germinate your seeds using the old school paper towel method.

All you need to create is a springlike state, aka warm and wet condition.

Heat best germinates the cannabis seed, and you’ll be seeing little taproots coming out of your seeds within 3-7 days, and they are ready to be sowed now.

You can also sprout your seeds by planting them directly in the growing medium, i.e., your pots. Or if you’re feeling a little fancy, you can use seed starter plugs; these are lifesavers, though.

Once the seeds germinate, house them in small pots and give them two days to experience your first ‘sigh of relief’; a pair of leaves coming out of seeds.

Stay put if some of the seeds haven’t germinated. Good things take time.

Growing season jump-starts – Say hello!

Two weeks in and your plants will hop into their vegetation period.

This is the time when you’ll see your plants growing and thriving into their taller versions. No, they still won’t get you buds, but cannabis stem and leaves will grow extensively at this time.

Here is the catch, your 4-6 weeks of vegetative growth has to be spot on. It must not be shorter or longer than the set time.

Ask why?

The concept behind this is that cannabis can have a short or long vegetative stage, depending on its given sunlight.

Any cannabis grower knows that keeping a plant in its vegetation stage will grow lots of stems and leaves…ideal for the upcoming flowering stage.

And this can be done by controlling light cycles.

Provide direct 13-15 hours (or more) sunlight and short nights for optimal vegetative growth of cannabis plants off-grid.  

That, my friend, is the essence of off-grid living and growing cannabis outdoors – your plants can enjoy as much of the summers as they want.

Save the blessings because there are more ‘aww moments’ in the line.

Buds show up – ecstasy.

The flowering stage is the right time to fend for your cannabis babies.

Cannabis plants will start flowering (BUDDING, you call it) as soon as long nights start to hit up.

Be prepared for this part of growing cannabis off-grid where your ‘hands off’ kind of thinking should rest because you have to put effort into maintaining the 12-hour daylight in this case.

Have an eye on the sun. The cannabis needs its 12-hour day and 12-hour night sleep for its buds to develop fully.

If you live somewhere with less sunlight, invest in some HID and Florescent grow lights, and keep the light cycle going. Or, you can generate your light, for that matter.

And with little precautions and lots of care, you’ll see your babies becoming adults in these 8 more weeks of the flowering period.

Sativa strains can take up to 12 weeks.

Here’s the second most important tip of the day, when growing cannabis off-grid, you can get caught in abrupt weather changes that can turn the tables upside down. So, invest in a mini greenhouse to keep the growing action going.

Also, smoothly shift from vegging plants towards flowering plants, which means changing the humidity and temperatures gradually rather than a sudden jump.

Harvest time is near – Get ready!

Do some prior research about harvesting the cannabis plant.

It is to learn the signs in the stem and leaves of plants.

Trichome (fine little hair on buds) color can be a sign; if it’s opaque, there is still time for the plant to get its CBD levels to the maximum. And amber-colored trichomes show maximum CBD levels meaning they are ready for a cut.

Say pistils; they will curl on bud, another sign showing it’s the time for the harvest.

Equip yourself with latex gloves and scissors to get those branches done.

Handle and dry them with care and enjoy ahead with your reserves of favorite strain.

To sum it all up 

Growing cannabis off-grid has to be your biggest flex because there, my friend, you have the liberty to showcase your interests without a second thought.

With trial and error, you’ll learn more about growing cannabis off the grid.

Make your own CBD oil and enjoy its medicinal benefits.

With a little bit of patience, you will be enjoying your October with loads of freshly dried weed that tastes and smells 10 folds better than marijuana products available in the market.


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