LOS ANGELES, Calif — AMASS, a portfolio of high-growth premium botanic beverages and self-care products, launches its first endeavor in the cannabis space with Afterdream, the first ultra-premium cannabis-infused non-alcoholic beverage. Designed to be sipped on the rocks with a splash of tonic water or in an array of non-alcoholic cocktails, AMASS Afterdream contains 3.5 mg THC, 3.5 mg CBD, and 3.5 mg Delta-8 per serve, and is blended using 14 botanicals and 8 terpenes. The result is a limb-loosening, mind-mellowing sip that mirrors the feeling that comes from drinking a strong cocktail.


Inspired by the California coast where cannabis culture first took root in the ‘60s, Afterdream blends sunny Sumac, Sorrel, and Lemon Peel for a bright, tart taste, balanced by herbaceous notes of Mint and Rosemary. AMASS Master Distiller Morgan McLachlan also carefully selected cannabis-derived terpenes like Limonene, Beta-myrcene, and Eucalyptol to complement the spirit’s sophisticated flavor profile.

“With Afterdream, we wanted to treat cannabis as yet another botanical in our universe, diving deep into cannabis culture and striving to understand the nuances of the plant; its effects, strains, terpenes,” comments Master Distiller Morgan McLachlan. “For me, terpenes are especially fascinating. They’re compounds that occur naturally in botanicals to give them their flavor. I played with terpenes a lot in building the flavor profile for Afterdream, ultimately allowing me to create a more interesting, complex spirit.”


Sales of cannabis-infused beverages were up 40.3% in 2020 from 2019, as companies sought to capitalize on new marijuana consumers seeking a familiar form of consumption and those looking for an alternative to alcoholic drinks. Cannabis-infused beverage sales rose from $67.8 million in 2019 to $95.2 million in 2020 (MJBizDaily, 2021), emphasizing the growing popularity of alternatives to alcoholic beverages in recreational markets in California, Colorado, Nevada, Oregon (medical and adult use) and Washington state. Adult-use cannabis is a fast growing market, now legal in 19 states.


OpenNest Labs is the first cannabis venture studio, bringing together top talent to incubate and accelerate the next generation of cannabis brands. OpenNest Labs worked closely with AMASS to identify, onboard, and manage the best-in-class manufacturing of the world’s first ultra-premium cannabis beverage. ONL has been AMASS’ catalyst for their entrance into the regulated cannabis market. They implemented a California state-wide sales strategy, in-store marketing, consultation on potency, price point, and general product positioning challenges that an emerging player in the cannabis industry should anticipate.

“We’re thrilled to help introduce cannabis as an active ingredient in AMASS Botanics’ portfolio,” notes OpenNest Labs CEO, Tyler Wakstein. “Morgan McLachlan is a magician. Her passion for and expert understanding of the power of plants is second to none. It’s been a pleasure to be able to invite a forward thinking company into the cannabis community.”

Afterdream is made in California and available exclusively at Sweet Flower both online and in all four southern California dispensary locations for $70. Afterdream is a clean, cannabis-infused, non-alcoholic spirit that is non-GMO, gluten-free, vegan, and contains no added sugar, sweeteners, artificial colors or flavors. Each bottle contains 60mg THC, 60mg CBD, and 60mg of Delta-8.


Headquartered in Los Angeles, AMASS revitalizes social connections through a modern portfolio of drinks. AMASS combines the principles of holistic ethnobotany and high design and applies them to the drinks space. From botanical spirits to botanic seltzers, AMASS uses natural botanicals to make premium botanics for modern life.

AMASS products are proudly stocked in all 27 global locations of Soho House, as well as in 5 Michelin starred restaurants and 4 of the world’s Top 10 bars.


OpenNest Labs is a cannabis venture studio that brings together top talent in order to incubate and accelerate the next generation of cannabis brands. OpenNest Labs is firmly rooted in the idea that transparency and education are vital to creating an equitable global cannabis market.

The OpenNest Labs team has a diverse experience in marketing, product development, venture capital, and operations. Their experienced founding team has held positions at Google, TikTok (formerly, Amplify.LA, Summit Series, Dosist, and Life is Good, to name a few. They are based in Los Angeles.

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