“Our portfolio has seen an increase in sales throughout the supply chain,” he added.    “On the recreational side, there are certainly parallels to alcohol. It helps people to cope and take the edge off during the lockdown.”

In the early days of the Covid-19 crisis, stores were reporting sales increases of up to 80 per cent, said Andy Seeger, research manager at the Brightfield Group, which analyses the cannabis industry.

“The stockpiling of marijuana by consumers began in late March along with alcohol as they prepared to quarantine.” 

Demand for edible marijuana has increased along with the flowers which are rolled into a joint.

One dispensary in flower-heavy Oregon reported, “Almost everyone coming in is buying an ounce.”

Pot shops have faced similar challenges to other retailers in coping with the restrictions imposed on businesses.

“Some have implemented click-and-collect pick up with kerbside or sidewalk pickups,” Mr Seeger added.

“Others have limited the number of consumers in the store, while Colorado has implemented delivery.”   David Spreckman, director of field marketing for Verano Holdings in Chicago, said edible marijuana – which comes in a variety of forms including brownies and chocolate – have been big movers.

“After the initial spike when stay-at-home was implemented, sales have remained steady for the most part across the board. 

“Cannabis seems to be a welcomed comfort during these uncertain times.”


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