Animal Cookies Cannabis Strain Review

A potent blend of Fire OG and Girl Scout Cookies, this strain is popular in a number of places, from the West Coast and British Columbia to Michigan and Arizona. It’s an indica-dominant hybrid with a sativa/indica ratio of roughly 25:75. THC levels are reputed to be high, topping 19% in at least one sample. This strain is also reported to contain large amounts of CBD, more than 4% in some tests.

Clear your schedule, you’ve got militant chillin to do. Not for the inexperienced patient or part time medicator looking to relieve symptoms and go about their day with any degree of effectiveness. No, my friend, plan your weekends around these meds. The look, the flavor, the experience is all so intoxicating it’s hard to believe as quickly as this flower extinguishes any head centered pressure, that it’s a creeper, but indeed it’s full consultation is only revealed several minutes after introduction. A well-deserved nap is in store after Animal Cookies offers up its intensely pain relieving trance-like state. It’s really the option to turn to for pain relief and calming sleep after the “go to” strains are not doing the job.

Probably one of the most exceptionally looking specimens of Cannabis, Animal Cookies is a complete show stopper. Bright green calyxes softly fade into dark purple tips each expectorating a bright orange pistil or two. All this caked under a blanket of trichomes thick enough to stretch the resin heads into thread when you break the blooms apart. The deep acrid scent of only the finest OG kush dominates these flowers but gives way, rather than to the lemon side of the bouquet, to a rubbery, nutty smell completely unique for me to this strain. The flowers, even when properly dried and cured takes some patients to ignite simply because of the volume of resin in the omnipresent glob jewels. Once combusted, a rush of hashy earthy flavors dressed up in a sweet baked taste and coated with just small smooth touch of mint goes to work on your tasting pleasure centers. The exhale bringing with it the numbing taste of hot asphalt and rubber that twists itself around your mouth into some kind of berry and citrus before lingering dauntingly in the air.


BC Bud Depot Version: Type: Indoor. Flavor: Cherry cookies taste. Genetics: Indica / Sativa Hybrid. Specifics: Girl Scout Cookies x Fire OG Bx3. Flowering Time: Indoor: 9-10 weeks.

Up, up and away! I don’t care if you have a t5 half an inch above this plant or Metal Halide HID, get ready to see three to five-inch internodal spacing…in Veg!!! Like most of the girl scout cookie she is extremely pH sensitive but when kept in range, she takes over a garden with massively sprawling branches stretching real tall. Animal Cookie’s deep dark green classic teardrop leaf shape (evident in so many hybrids) lays the foundation for a beasty plant. She responds extremely well to topping and training and will reward ample veg time and training techniques with several evenly sized rock hard spears that can be deceptively heavy. Loading up the P around weeks two to three beyond what typical OG’s like helps her thrive. It’s actually a nice compliment to her distinct lack of need for calcium compar


AWARDS – 3rd place, Medical Cannabis Flowers, Cannabis Cup San Francisco 2012


There are many variations and twists on the hugely popular Girl Scout Cookies theme and Animal Cookies holds its own in this company. Being a cross of Girl Scout Cookies with the equally famous Fire OG Kush, Animal Cookies boasts some seriously elite genetics. When grown properly, it’s both a beautiful and very medicinal strain, having particularly high amounts of both THC and CBD. Because of its strength, Animal Cookies is recommended for the experienced cannabis user or medical patient, as novices may feel overwhelmed and end up asleep, regardless of what time of day it is. Although Animal Cookies is a clone-only strain, BC Bud Depot has created a version using their own cuts of Girl Scout Cookies and Fire OG.

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