As Legal Pot Gains Political Power, Cannabis Convicts Remain in Prison | PRISONERS OF PROHIBITION

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While it may seem unbelievable given the groundswell of support for legal cannabis in the United States over recent years, there are still individuals serving life sentences in prison just for dealing pot. As states like California and cities such as Seattle move to wipe criminal records of convictions for cannabis in the era of legal marijuana, U.S. federal law remains woefully stuck in the past — incarcerating otherwise law-abiding citizens for activities now considered legitimate business in 30 states and the nation’s capital.

In the series finale of Prisoners of Prohibition, we examine the political strides being made toward ending marijuana prohibition once and for all. Amidst a powerful streak of state-by-state progress on pot reform, those still trapped behind bars merely for marijuana must not be forgotten. These prisoners of the War on Drugs are being left on the battlefield as a growing number of Americans are capitalizing on legal weed. One major obstacle stands in the way of complete cannabis justice in the United States: the federal government. Featuring members of Congress, lawyers, and drug reform advocates all pushing for change, this episode charts the increasingly bipartisan initiatives to end pot prohibition nationwide, as well as the steps that must be taken to finally liberate nonviolent prisoners from the grips of federal drug law.

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