Aurora Cannabis And Coca Cola?🍁5 Reasons For Coca Cola To Invest In Aurora Cannabis🍁

In this video we’ll talk about Aurora Cannabis and Coca Cola and we’ll give you 5 reasons for Coca Cola to invest in Aurora Cannabis.

Once again, what do you know: It’s Aurora Cannabis talks.

Now a lot of you don’t know this but none of us over here at baby actually uses cannabis for any kind of purposes we really want to keep that as clear as possible because it’s really a common misconception. The only reason we talk that much about weed stocks and Aurora Cannabis is because it’s hot right now. That’s it. And on this channel, we talk about investing opportunities that can and will make you a lot of money and weed stocks, with Aurora Cannabis on top, just happen to be some great money machines right now.

So, for today’s video we actually are going to talk about something that was rumored a few days ago and just as you see in the tittle of this video we’ll sum up 5 reasons why Coca Cola could invest in Aurora cannabis and why it actually would make sense for Coke to put some money exactly into Aurora cannabis and no other company.

Off course if you know us then you know that the last reason of the video is as always the most important one for you to know so, definitely make sure to watch this video until the end.

But if you’re in a hurry here is a short summary:

In our opinion (we could be wrong). We think that Coca Cola won’t drop a bag of cash on Aurora Cannabis front desk immediately to do a big takeover however we do see a possible long-term partnership between the two companies that could result in Coca Cola being Aurora Cannabis biggest client.

Coca Cola has created a certain name for itself in the past 150 years and it sure wants to keep it that way, so they won’t be looking to get into a cannabis selling business instead they just want to use and active component of cannabis (CBD) and to achieve that they don’t have to drop a few billion dollars, they can just make a partnership deal which will make sense for both Aurora Cannabis and themselves. #AuroraCannabis #CocaCola #WeedStocks


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