GALENA, Ill. (KCRG) – A bed and breakfast in Galena, across the river in Illinois, is now the first and only cannabis-friendly lodging option in the state.

On New Year’s Day, Robert and Douglas Mahan opened what they call The Potting Shed. That’s the same day Illinois officially made recreational marijuana legal. It’s an add-on on to their Bed and Breakfast, the Aldrich Guest House.

The owner doesn’t want guests to smoke it in their rooms, so they set up a designated spot on the property’s barn. They’re calling it a judgment-free space where guests can smoke marijuana openly and safely.

Douglas Mahan, the owner, said, “They’re not going to have to be sneaking in grant park. They`re not going to drive out to a land and water preserve and consume and then drive back. So it`s keeping our guests, doing the right thing.”

The owner says they hope to break down the stigma surrounding smoking marijuana. No marijuana shops are open in Galena right now, but three businesses have applied for a state license.


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