Best time to grow cannabis in your yard in 2021

Cannabis has a plethora of psychological and physical health benefits. Lately, people have recognized the significance of this plant. A recently concluded research shows that almost 66% of Americans favor the legalization of cannabis.

With planting cannabis in trend, more and more people want to know the best time of year to grow it. Of course, you can harvest it only once a year, and you wouldn’t like to blow it. If you have an open, sunny yard in your home, growing cannabis is not a problem for you. Only you have to remember the following things and dates.

Things to consider before planting cannabis

Before enlisting the exact dates for growing cannabis, we need to get some things straight first.

Cannabis grows to its full potential in the summer. In the vegetative stage, direct sunlight for six hours a day is crucial for outgrowth. In this article, I’ll discuss four things besides the right time that guarantee a high yield.

Water – A pivotal nurturer


Growing cannabis outdoor is cost-effective. You don’t need artificial lights or air conditioners, because mother nature watches out all by herself.

Still, watering a plant is essential anyway. A cannabis plant needs more than 30 liters of water daily. Groundwater and rain will supply most of them. In dry conditions, however, it is your role to assume.

A hose reel and a water tank are all you need. Store the water in the tank, and measure hydrogen-ion activity with a pH meter.

If it comes around 6.0 at scale, it’s all right. Adjust it otherwise. Less than 5.8 and more than 6.4 pH of water can dampen the photosynthesis process.

Soil – The stronger the roots, the bigger it yields


The second most important thing to take into account is cannabis soil. You can’t plant it anywhere and expect rapid growth; you just can’t.

  • Cannabis soil must be light for optimal airflow.
  • Use soil that is rich in nutrients and humus.
  • The drainage and water retention ability of soil is also worth considering.
  • The soil must suit the type of strain. Clay with one-fourth coir is suitable for Sativa and Indica. Find out the differences and benefits of Sativa and Indica plants.

Temperature – Neither too low nor too high

Regulating temperature and humidity is expensive but possible in indoor cultivation. But you can’t do much when the plant is in the ground already.

Cannabis withstands most climates around the world. It favors 20-25 C temperature in the daytime. You can sow the seed indoors and later move it in your yard, or you can build a greenhouse structure if the weather conditions are uncertain.

Security – An Achilles’ heel

The biggest mistake most people make is overlooking security when planting cannabis outdoor.

Make sure that no animal or infant has direct access to your yard. Even a pet can ruin the entire harvest.

Another security concern is cannabis diseases. If watering, temperature, and soil are unbalanced, fungi can kill off your plant.

Growth calendar for outdoor cannabis

Cannabis Calendar for

Now that you have taken all the factors into account, it’s time to discuss a universal time-frame for growing cannabis outdoors.  We have divided the whole process into four phases.

Phase 1: Buy the seeds

The only way to ensure the healthy growth of cannabis is to work ahead of time.

Schedule your activities from the beginning of the year. It’s not the best time to plant cannabis as cold weather suppresses sprouting. However, planning saves you a lot of time.

Decide the type of strain you want to grow, the place best suited for cultivation, and make sure the facilities are handy in your yard.

Now, you’re very much ready to order the marijuana seeds. The delivery might take weeks into shipping. You must have cannabis seeds at your side in April.

Phase 2: Germinate them now!

A lot of people suggest sowing the seeds as early as April. But it only works out in a warmer climate.

You can sow the seed indoors, or you can use a greenhouse for better management of temperature. Regardless of what way you choose, plant the seeds in the first week of May.

Cannabis seeds will take less than three days to germinate if the conditions are favorable. You want them out when the sun is high in the sky. After all, sunlight is the best source of energy for plants.

Phase 3: Topping/Pruning

Cannabis is not a plant that you sow and forget about; it requires consistent care throughout the four phases.

Once your plant is standing above 1-feet, you need to undertake two horticultural techniques: Topping and Pruning. Both promote the efficient growth of cannabis in a short time.

Topping – refers to cutting top branches of the plant.

Seems Weird!!!

But it is crucial to halt the vertical growth and to encourage lateral expansion for better yield. For the topping, cannabis should have at least four nodes. I have already written an in-depth guide on the topping.

Pruning – refers to the removal of unwanted parts of a plant.

Sounds good!!!

Not all branches and leaves are structurally sound. Spot these dead parts and get rid of them. It will enable cannabis to save energy and utilize it for quality yield.

Gardeners usually top and prune cannabis 2-3 times till the end of August. However, climate and space will affect this frequency.

Phase 4: It’s time to harvest

You have long taken care of cannabis. Now, the hour has come to reap the fruit of your endeavors.


You will see that it is flowering and white hairs have turned dark over time. Meanwhile, the trichomes are ripe. Remember, harvesting cannabis earlier than the specified time will lower the THC amount. On the other hand, waiting for too long is not a good idea either, because


You should complete the harvesting process before the winter season kicks off. It might take place between September and November based on your residence. As a general rule of thumb, mid-October is the best time of year to harvest your cannabis plant. Hopefully, you get flavorsome buds to harness the tons of benefits.

Key Takeaway:

Raising a weed plant is not as intimidating as it appears. All you need is a vast garden and some guts to do it. If you don’t miss the best time with conducive conditions in place, nothing can hold you back from harvesting plenty of buds.

So, take a spade, dig some holes in your yard, and order the cannabis seeds right on time.


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