Black Cherry Soda Cannabis Marijuana Weed Strain Review

An 80/20 sativa dominant hybrid, Black Cherry Soda is primarily considered a sativa despite an indica appearance. The strain was given its sweet name thanks to its aromatic and fruit flavored THC punch. The Black Cherry Soda strain combines both flavorful terpenes and powerful medicinal cannabinoids with its distinctive purple flower. The cerebral high from the strain soothes both the mind and body, creating an inner balance, inspiring creativity and relaxation. Demonstrating characteristic that are more in line with many of today’s Hybrid highs.
For those patients seeking that perfect daytime medication, Black Cherry Soda provides potent pain relief that relaxes without that unwanted, debilitating sedation. Making this strain perfect for those hard working 9-to-5 patients seeking discreet treatment as a means of managing their pain throughout the workday.

Black Cherry marijuana is a strain known for it’s sweet berry scent with undertones of cherries, and it’s nice blend of headiness and body stone which is good for relieving most ailments.

Flowering Time: Average 58-62 days. Yield: Extra large. Growth Structure: Black Cherry Soda stays short and bushy with many branches growing out laterally.

Black Cherry Soda is a hybrid strain with some seriously good looks. The genetics and original breeder of this strain are unknown, but it is a proud parent to TGA Subcool Seeds hybrid Ace of Spades.


The history and lineage of Black Cherry Soda is unknown but some ideas of strains that may have been involved its creation include G-13, Cinderella 99, Cherry AK-47, Ortega, and Blackberry. This clone-only hybrid is often associated with TGA Subcool Seeds who used it in the creation of their popular Ace of Spades and Plushberry varieties, but it has been used by many other breeders as well. Considering Black Cherry Soda’s popularity with cannabis breeders it’s not surprising to find that the original also has a dedicated following in both the medical and recreational cannabis markets. You will know if you have come across the real deal if your sample is visually somewhere on the purple spectrum and upon opening the jar, punches you in the face with the aroma of sweet overripe cherries. It should be impossible to ignore. As for effect, Black Cherry Soda initially has a strong, uplifting and energizing cerebral high that over time morphs into gentle body relaxing that won’t knock you out. In appropriate doses, it is a great choice for a pick-me-up right after work or daytime weekend activities.

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