A mouth swab test also referred to as oral fluids test or saliva test is conducted by collecting saliva from an individual’s mouth and testing it for illegal drugs.  The drugs tested using this process include marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamines, among others.  It is less expensive and less invasive drug testing method that can detect drugs that have been used recently.

Mouth swab test for marijuana

These kinds of tests are becoming more common at work places and can be done randomly without prior notification. Even though it is challenging to adulterate the saliva test, it is the easiest and most friendly weed test to be conducted that guarantees a pass. It cannot be compared to the hair drug test or urine test. However, you need to have proper information and prepare to pass this test after smoking marijuana.

Tips to avoid detection after smoking marijuana

Marijuana can be detected 12-24 hours after use. However, it depends on the user and the measures he or she takes to avoid detection. Below are ideal tips that can help the users maximize the odds of passing the test.


It is unlikely to detect marijuana in the saliva if the last joint was smoked more than 24 hours before the test. It is recommended to abstain from weed for at least 48 hours or so before the test to maximize the chances of passing it.

Cleaning up nicely

It is crucial to have the gums and teeth thoroughly brushed before the saliva swab test. It can quickly be done using mouthwash several times to get rid of marijuana traces. Toxin metabolites are found between the teeth and along the gum line, which is swabbed, thus the need to make sure they are clean and free from any traces.

Home saliva test kit

The saliva testing kit enables you to take the test at home in cases where there is a prior notification before the actual test. The kit, with its effectiveness, detects marijuana traces within 10 minutes. It is an ideal way to prepare yourself for the outcome as you can take more precautions, such as using detox mouthwash and other oral products that cleans up the traces.

Using home remedies

Home remedies also play a significant role in cleansing the saliva, although they are highly recommended as additional strategies to pass the saliva test.  They include using vinegar, aspirin, hydrogen peroxide, Altoid mints as well as chewing ice.

Exercising and eating habits

Fatty meal intake helps in absorbing THC metabolites from the bloodstream when taking an hour or so before the test. It makes marijuana traces less detectable during the saliva test. Also, staying hydrated is a plus as way of keeping the oral fluids moving.

Other helpful ways include exercise and eating healthy before the test.

Although it can be hard to trace marijuana in the saliva after 24 hours of smoking, it is vital to take the necessary precautions in preparation for the mouth swab test as the detection time can vary depending on intake frequency and method of use among different people.


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