Cannabis Business Investment Opportunity, Cannabis On Fire, Oakland Cannabis Delivery Dispensary
SHARE – Cannabis On Fire is Company of Nine Mile Tribe LLC. an Oakland based Equity Cannabis Company positioned to offer State licensed delivery services and cultivation while employing special events for its ‘Cannabis On Fire’ brand.

Nine Mile Tribe LLC is an Equity Applicant for both dispensary delivery and cultivation permits in the City of Oakland cannabis scheme.. As an approved Equity applicant, NINE MILE TRIBE will pay no cannabis permit application fees. In addition, we will be eligible for no-interest startup loans and technical assistance, provided through one or more City consultants.

A $50,000 equity investment from Gateway will provide NINE MILE TRIBE with the needed startup funds to attract an existing Oakland Cannabis business as an incubator partner without providing an equity stake in the company. Under the Oakland Cannabis Equity Program, we would receive from the General Cannabis Permit application, a significant startup assistance package consisting of 1,000 square feet of free space for three years, as well as camera systems, safes, and alarm systems.
Bar the limitation of time, especially with the deadline of December 31, 2017 to have a local cannabis license, which is necessary for the application for State Recreational Use Cannabis License, NINE MILE TRIBE has an exceptional opportunity to enter Oakland’s cannabis industry. To meet the aforementioned deadline, it becomes imperative to seek the expertise of an investor such as Gateway, to raise the necessary startup capital.

Strategically, NINE MILE TRIBE decided not to enter the crowded field of those who will apply for the limited eight (8) dispensary storefront licenses that will be offered. It is our belief that these slots will be as much political as merit based, due to the public approval process. Instead, NINE MILE TRIBE has decided to apply for a cannabis delivery only dispensary permit which does not involve a public hearing process. More so, , there is no stated limit on the number of delivery only licenses that will be issued. The same applies to cannabis cultivation permits.

As our primary sought-after investor, Gateway should also note that if approved by the City of Oakland, and at the State level, NINE MILE TRIBE delivery permit would extend to the entire State as a Type 10 General Dispensary license – our immediate goal is to dominate the San Francisco Bay Area cannabis delivery market.

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