ORANGE COUNTY, Calif., April 7, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — My Green Network (MyGN) is Southern California’s first shared-manufacturing space with a Type-S license that allows businesses to create, package and sell cannabis product. In January 2020, MyGN started construction on its flagship facility, a state of the art, 7,368-square-foot building in Orange County, with Michelin-inspired commercial kitchens and hybrid stations for assembly, packaging and infusion of all types of cannabis products. The MyGN facility will support 30 memberships that include comprehensive business support for start ups. With an entry point of ~$50,000, these Green Leader” programs will nurture newcomers, providing a streamlined entry into the cannabis industry.

MyGN has strategic partnerships and an extensive network designed to make developing and launching a new product affordable. They have partnered with staffing companies, laboratories, B2B marketing platforms like FindYourGreen, powerhouse public relations and marketing firms like SNA and P2R Inc. to help their clients launch new products to market, and even funding solutions with companies like DiamondBL offering up to $100,000 for cannabis startups.

One new MyGN client shared, “It’s the perfect opportunity – most companies are spending a million dollars to launch– we’ll pay a fraction; launch faster, generate cash flow, and establish a customer base with scalable overhead before they do,” said David Aubry of Seven Point Edibles.

Were excited to have secured these amazing partnerships! Were looking to fill our last spaces with passionate leaders in the cannabis space. We get to take their dreams and make them a reality,” says My Green Network Co-founder James Shih.

About My Green Network ( Founded by internationally recognized attorneys Ken Hwang and James Shih, and visionary Maria Cordeiro, My Green Network (MyGN) is California’s premier membership-based space intuitively designed for cannabis entrepreneurs. Leveraging the power of community-based collaboration to revolutionize an infamously complex industry, this “cloud-kitchen meets cannabis incubator” accelerates the journey from idea to entrepreneurship. At MyGN, membership provides exclusive access to essential elements of a successful venture: a compliant cannabis facility, an extensive network of cultivators and manufacturing partners, guidance and supervision from industry experts, licenses, legal advice and much more. Begin transforming your dream into a very real future at Follow @OfficialGreenNetwork on Instagram to connect with leaders that are empowering our community.

SOURCE My Green Network

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