Upper Kohistan police have destroyed cannabis grown in several areas of Kandia, a conservative and far-off tehsil of the district.

“The areas are remote where one can reach by walking for hours,” Arif Javed, the district police officer Upper Kohistan, told reporters on Saturday. He said the operation was started on the special directives of deputy inspector general of police Hazara range. He said that villages where the contraband was grown were situated at boundary points Swat on the one side and Ghizer (Gilgit-Baltistan) on the other.

Javed said policemen from Karan Police Station destroyed the contraband grown in Madan Gubar, Simi Dara, Sari Dara, Rechao, Gujri Baigh, Bagro Dara, Gidarm, Bagro, Batri Dara, Karang, Syal Dara, and Kangul Kot. The DPO said that cannabis growers including Sarbza Khan, Lal Khan, Ajab Khan, Mohammad Nabi, Jan Khan, Mohammad Taj, Amirzada, Sher Gul, Miskeen and Mohammad Afrad were also booked.

Ulema have lauded Upper Kohistan police for the operation as they said use of narcotics among youngsters has increased in the district.


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