Reduce Energy Consumption – Growing cannabis plants can be such a delicate topic. Apart from their worldwide controversies and recent legalization in several states and countries, the indoor cultivation of cannabis plants is already in question in many places.

It’s not the soil, fertilizer, or seeds that you need to keep in mind when growing cannabis plants. As the energy used impacts plant growth, you have to consider the overall efficiency of your energy usage and consumption. Keep in mind that growing cannabis can be such an expensive hobby. However, growing cannabis indoors can be the safest and best method, as far as legal matters and health risks are concerned.

In the following section, we’ll discuss three practical ways to reduce energy consumption when growing cannabis.

1. Consider the size of your growing plant.

By far, this is the most effective way to reduce energy costs. This means you have to roughly estimate the amount of bud you personally need for the month.

For instance, you consume about 30 grams of bud every month. Know that one single auto-flowering plant is capable of producing 30 grams of bud in an eight-week life cycle. This means a potential harvest of 120 grams after two months. In this particular case, this is just enough to get you by for the next four months or so. That said, the goal is to match the amount of energy you put into your plants with the amount of bud you need for your private purposes.

2. Have an effective lighting solution.

Know that the amount of buds is dependent on the amount of energy put in the “growing-equation.” It depends, however, on how good the ratio is between yield and energy.

From an efficiency point of view, common lighting technologies can be quite problematic. You have to resort to lighting solutions that work best for your plant and at the same time, help you reduce cost. That said, new technologies such as LED lights can be a good option to lower your energy costs while still producing top-shelf buds.

3. Use a controllable air system.

Generally, it’s better to oversize and control the air system of an individual room or tent. Your cannabis plants perform best when they grow at a temperature of 26 °C. When your lamp emits an ample amount of heat, and it’s hot outside, you may have to increase your air system to full power to get the temperature down.

That said, one smart move is to install an electric transformer that can reduce the voltage for your extracting tube vent. With this, you can let your vent run on different velocities to save energy. As a recommendation, you can use a simple five-level electric transformer normally used to regulate ceiling fans.

// Final words

Growing cannabis indoor entails many considerations. On top of this is the reduction of energy consumption. By now, you should have the knowledge of a state-approved electrician, so make sure to wire all your growing equipment properly. Invest in a digital meter or visit a cannabis website with an online-calculator for your energy consumption.

Follow the valuable tips outlined above to ensure the cost efficiency of your indoor cannabis.

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