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What up Growers and welcome to the most lit cannabis grow channel! Now in todays video I want to introduce you guys to our starting from seed as well as starting from clone grow series. And just as the title suggests, these videos show you everything you need to know, whether you are starting from a seed that you purchased online, or perhaps a clone that you picked up at a local dispensary. Now both of these videos series are included with that premium content subscription, and I actually have a two-week free trial to that, so if you want to sign up for that just scroll down to the videos down below, and you will see the subscription button overlaid on our premium videos.  Alright folks now that you know what we are doing in today’s video, Let’s Get started with some highlights of our starting from seed and clone videos.

All right, so like with any groceries the first thing that I will be showing you in these videos is the supplies that you will need to get this done. So everything you will need to start your seeds or clones to make sure that they grow healthy, we will explain where to get the supplies and what they are. Now the supplies are pretty similar between the ones you will need to start your seeds versus the ones you need for cloning, but there are some variations and we will be covering that. So now here we are at the beginning of our seed series and I just want to give you a highlight of the progression from start to finish of these videos.

So here you can see we just terminated the seeds and those tap roots are starting to grow out, and they are not quite ready yet to go from the paper towel to that first step in the rockwool cube but we are just about there. So now we are actually going to be using a rapid Rooter and now I’m just about to plant them in there. And this is a very crucial step to the whole process because you can damage the root here so we cover that in the video how not to damage the seeds and how to make sure they will grow properly. Here we are the next day just to see that first step of the seed popping up above ground and you can see it no leaves have sprouted yet but that will happen very shortly.

Now we are back for the very next day and you can see not only did that first set of cotyledon leaves Sprout but we also do have that second set coming in as well, or the first set of serrated leaves. Now you’ll notice that as we progress in the groceries I will explain how to change the conditions in environment in the room so the plants can adapt and Thrive once they are fully grown. Here we are getting closer to the seedlings being ready to go into transplant out into the big tent.  But they are not quite there yet and you can see actually one of them turned out to be a dud but that is pretty normal when you are growing a decent amount of seeds. Nothing to worry about and nothing to be surprised from.

So like I was saying in these videos I’m going to guide you every step of the way so you know exactly what to do to get the right results. And with these seed and clone starting videos that means all the way up to that final transplant to the final pot. Now you can see in the shot here there is some really good roots growing right there so that’s how I know she is ready for transplant, and here we go seeing her in that final pot so that she can start growing up big and strong.

Here are some of the highlights from the series and I will show you guys whether your clone started In a rockwool cube or in soil, I’m going to show you how to get that started properly. Now you can see this plant here is  the one in soil and the other one is the rockwool cube so it’s going to be a little bit of a different process for each of these but you can see I cover both of those in the grow series.

Alright Growers so there is your brief overview on the starting from seed and cloning grow series, so you know exactly what you will be getting if you decide to sign up for our premium content subscription. And again I have that two-week free trial going right now and you can sign up for that down below the button is just overlaid on our premium content videos.  As always thank you guys for watching and until next time…

Happy Growing!!!


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