CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – For those taking advantage of the sales tax holiday weekend, you should know not every retail item will be tax-free.

Recreational marijuana is one of the many items still subject to the sales tax.

Thomas Winstanley, with Theory Wellness in Chicopee, said they have to strike a balance between the expense of their product and what he describes the great contribution it is making towards the community.

“Maybe these rules will change and they’ll be less stringent,” said Winstanley. “But for right now, we also have to look on the bright side that we are developing a lot of revenue for some of these communities and also for the state as a whole.”

Currently, in Massachusetts, cannabis dispensaries hand over to the state 20 percent of their revenue. That includes a nearly 6 percent state sales tax, as well as 3 percent local sales tax.

But in the case of Theory Wellness, they have a host agreement with Chicopee where they hand over an additional 3 percent.

Some customers told 22News a weekend break on sales taxes should extend to pot shops too.

Michel Jones from Virginia said, “I don’t think they should be taxed, why should they tax it? I mean they are not taxing shoes and they are not taxing clothes. This is something for your body, so why should they tax it?”

Other retail items that do not qualify include gas, meals, tobacco products, and alcoholic beverages. Items over $2,500 are also subject to taxes during the holiday.


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