Aaron Ironside is the new spokesperson for the Say Nope
To Dope campaign.

Aaron Ironside rose to prominence in
the 1990’s as the anchor of Radio Hauraki’s popular
Morning Pirates breakfast show. The young rock DJ fully
embraced the Sex, Drugs and Rock n Roll lifestyle that
accompanied his new-found fame. Aaron quickly turned his
occasional marijuana use into a daily habit that consumed
his life. In time, he realised that his drug addiction was
now affecting his mental health, exacerbating his symptoms
of anxiety and depression.

In 1998, Aaron quit the
high-profile job and decided to deal with his drug problem.
Once clean he began working in the Not-For-Profit sector,
putting his Masters Degree in Psychology to work. In 2012 he
started A.I. Counselling and Coaching helping hundreds of
clients find freedom from many different types of addiction
and substance abuse.

Aside from his personal
experience with cannabis, Aaron has witnessed the
devastation the drug causes to vulnerable families during
his work with a community group in Manurewa. The systemic
damage that addiction creates was clearly seen in the
poverty, crime and mental health outcomes for the Maori and
Pasifika families who engaged with the

Although himself drug-free for over 20
years, some extended family members continue to struggle
with the grip Cannabis has over their lives. Aaron is
passionate about protecting them from further harm, and
helping New Zealand pursue programs and legislation that
will benefit all sectors of society.

The Say
Nope to Dope campaign
is a group of concerned
organisations and individuals who oppose any attempt to
decriminalise or legalise marijuana. The group will be
officially launched in the coming

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