You’ve been growing cannabis indoors. But there’s a problem; a big, big problem.

The odor.

The strong and pungent odor – that may be floral, earthy, herbal, or woody.

If you’re a newbie to this, you may be wondering … Will my tent or grow room keep the odor in?

The answer is simple – No.

But there’s good news. Even though the odor is strong enough to be detected from over a mile away, there are effective ways to control it, including methods to decrease, eliminate, and masque it.

Why exactly does the odor matter? – The real problem

Chances are that this pungent and robust odor may be disturbing for you or your family members. Besides, any smell that is persistent, no matter how good or bad, gets … ANNOYING!

And you won’t be alone in your sufferings – your neighbors might be sharing it with you!

In fact, there have examples of neighbors going out lodging complaints against the odor!

And finally, you probably wish to keep your cannabis grow room confidential, and that’s not happening if anyone passing even near your house can smell it.

Therefore, cannabis odor control solutions become a necessity.

Which factors affect the levels of the odor? – you need to keep an eye on these!

The odor of cannabis is affected by three main factors;

  1. Temperature

It is directly proportional to the level of odor.

  1. Humidity

Higher levels of humidity lead to more significant amounts of odor.

  1. Airflow

This has an inverse relationship with the odor levels; the lower the airflow, the more the scent.

Top 5 ways to make your grow room or tent smell-proof – Cannabis Odor Control Solutions.

Fortunately, there have been tried and tested Cannabis odor control solutions. Out of these, I will name the top five for you:

Carbon filters – Easy on the pocket!

Carbon filters contain activated charcoal. This does what the fly bugging you would do to honey – it absorbs smells and impurities (from the atmosphere).

And look, don’t worry if you’ve been spending too much on cannabis growth. Carbon filters are the most affordable method of odor control. They have the added benefit of being non-toxic and environmentally friendly!

But they have a disadvantage – they are not 100% effective, so you’re probably gonna have to be smelling part of the smell.

Odor neutralizers and air fresheners – let’s masque that smell.

Odor neutralizers and air fresheners usually have strong, pleasant smells that masque and reduce the effect of bad smells. Essentially, they’re not just eliminating the scent but also replacing it with a sweet fragrance.

However, the real purpose of odor neutralizers to merge the unpleasant smell via a chemical reaction. An example of this is Metazene, which is an odor-neutralizing additive that absorbs molecules of bad smells.

ONA Gel – the game-changing odor absorbent

This is an odor absorbing gel that you can disperse into the air by merely leaving it uncovered.

It adds an intense scent to the air and attacks and destroys any odorous molecules in its way, which means you will be getting a smell-free room.

However, using it in large amounts may result in the buds smelling like ONA … and we definitely do not want that! So, make sure to monitor the amount you will be diffusing into the air – it must be controlled quantities.

Direct ventilation exhaust system – let’s get that air moving!

Air in, air out, air in, air out.

An essential aspect of odor control is adequate air circulation.

You can do this by using oscillating fans in the grow room. These are easy to set up and move around, so you can experiment to ensure they are in their perfect positions.

You need to keep some fans in the grow room at angles that ensure the wind isn’t directed at your plants – we don’t want your plants flying away! OK, maybe not really *fly away*, but they will be exposed to a potential windburn.

Biological scrubbers – treating those contaminants.

Biological scrubbers use micro-organisms to eliminate the smell.

These micro-organisms are in the form of a bed, over which odorous gas is passed. They quite literally feed on and treat the contaminants in the odor.

Biological scrubbers are relatively easy to maintain and produce lesser waste.

Further tips…

Now, listen up. We have absolutely no room for making mistakes, so you better consider the following as well:

Do NOT use ozone generators – safety comes first!

Ozone generators have been widely used in the past, but research has shown they are NOT safe for humans or animals.

And if you’re growing this where you live … STAY AWAY FROM OZONE GENERATORS!

Monitor temperature and humidity – These MATTER


Temperature and humidity are directly proportional to the amount of lousy odor there’s going to be, so you better monitor them closely!

You can do this by using a simple barometer in ambient environments to ensure both factors are in fair amounts.

Maintain negative pressure – or air will leak out…

You can do this by merely drawing in less air than you extract (by an average of 20%).

Not doing so will result in too much air in the grow room or tent that will escape the area before it gets purified (by whatever means you have chosen).


Cannabis growing really is a thrilling experience in itself. Still, you’ll often find yourself looking for methods to control the smell that comes with it. And I genuinely don’t blame you – it really is essential!

Choose which option works best for you from the ones I’ve mentioned, and I’m sure you’ll be good to go!


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