SAN DIEGO–()–CB Therapeutics, Inc. has shipped its first order of rare cannabinoids to a customer in Colorado, marking the company’s first commercial sale. The shipment of the rare cannabinoids will be used for trial formulations of edible products to test consumer acceptance in the market. The CB Therapeutics patented biosynthetic platform in yeast, can produce any cannabinoid present in any plant more efficiently, with higher purity and at less cost than any existing chemical and biosynthetic techniques, extraction from plants or other production methods.

“We are excited about achieving our first revenue as a company and look forward to serving the cannabinoid product marketplace,” said Sher Ali Butt, CEO of CB Therapeutics. “As the market for rare cannabinoids for use in topical therapeutics, edible products and functional beverages continues to grow, we look forward to manufacturing many of these molecules at scale at the highest purity and the lowest cost for our customers.”

CB Therapeutics recently announced the first ever biosynthetic production of psilocybin, DMT and certain tryptamine analogs in yeast. “The range of high value molecules and therapeutic compounds our platform has produced is a testament to the advances CB Therapeutics has made over the last four years in synthetic biology,” stated Jacob Vogan, CSO of CB Therapeutics. “We look forward to bringing many additional molecules and compounds to the medical research community and the commercial markets over the coming months.”

About CB Therapeutics

CB Therapeutics, Inc., located in San Diego, California, is a biotechnology company focusing on the innovative production of high value molecules and therapeutic compounds for Neuroscience utilizing many different types of hosts and systems, including yeast, bacteria and cell-free expression systems. CB Therapeutics’ expertise in synthetic genomics, bio-engineering and cellular production processes can produce a broad range of phytochemicals faster, more sustainably, at greater yields and with higher purity, consistency and efficiency than competitive platforms. The CB Therapeutics platform can not only make the active compounds and phytochemicals that occur naturally, but by using enzymatic processes CB Therapeutics has been able to create bio-identical compounds as well as their analogs. These analog compounds may prove to be more effective, targeted and safer for therapeutic purposes.


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