In the UK, CBD e liquid, supplements and tinctures have enjoyed overwhelming popularity as the general public become better educated and knowledgeable on the health benefits of the compounds found within cannabis. CBD is reputed to be able to assist in treating a wide variety of ailments including anxiety, insomnia and pain.

CBD as a Novel Food Within the UK, CBD can cost anywhere between £15 – £100 and is sold in popular high street stores such as boots and can also be purchased from online shops such as dank vapes

However, the ability for the public to be able to freely purchase CBD from their local High Street is set to be challenged by a decision by European and British health watch dogs. The watch dogs are planning to reclassify CBD as a ‘novel food’. A product is defined as a novel food if it cannot be demonstrated to be widely available before 1997; CBD companies are fighting back, however, as they believe CBD has been a health supplement for over 5 decades.

The new legislation will require shops to be able to demonstrate that any oil they’re selling is 100% safe and does indeed have the effect claimed on packaging.

It is believed the UK’s Food Standards agency will ask local councils to visit all local stores and remove products from sale until an approval process has taken place – this could take over a years.

Warning over claims

Just because scientific research has proven that CBD can help with certain mental and physical diseases it must not be assumed that it is a miracle drug that can help in all areas of wellness and beauty too.

Over the last few years companies are puttin CBD into products ranging from shower gel, lip balm and even hand cream to take advantage of the green rush. In reality, CBD may not be effective in these products.

Whilst the scientific data on CBD and medicine is limited; it is non existent in wellness and beauty

Devastating to the CBD Industry

This change in legislation could be devastating the the UK’s entire legal cannabis and CBD industry due to many companies have invested hundreds of thousands of pounds in growing their companies to meet demand. It is feared many companies could go out of business as a result.


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