ChemDawg Beginner Cannabis Grow Series: Germination & Seedling Stage

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What up Cannabis Growers and welcome back to GreenBox Grown.  So today we are going to start a new video series and this is actually something that I haven’t done before. So what we are going to do is have my girlfriend Claire here, who is actually never grown cannabis before. She is going to do her very own grow series. So all she is going to be using for her grow resources or for her grow guidance as she is going to be using my step by step grow videos from our premium content section. And yeah it is going to be her very first time growing and she’s going to be doing this all by herself. So do you want to tell them what strain you are going to be growing?

Yeah so I am going to be germinating five seeds but we will pick the best two out of five, and I am going to be using a 2 by 4 tent, and Chemdawg is the one. Ya so we are going to be growing Chemdawg by the iLoveMarijuana seed bank. So yeah she is going to be in that to buy for tent and she was going to have the 600 watt light going. We are probably actually going to germinate three of the seeds, we have 5 total but she is only going to be growing 2 Total plant so we are going to pick the two best from those three.

Or maybe we will germinate for just depends on what we go with, but yeah she is going to be using the 2 gallon or I’m sorry that the 3 gallon air pots. She has the fox farm ocean forest soil going and then the dirty dozen by Fox Farm for nutrients. Before we get started I do want to remind you guys that if you do want to check out those step by step grow videos, we do have a two-week free trial to that entire Grow Video Library.  And all you have to do is visit the link right here on your screen to sign up for that, it is free of charge and you can cancel at any time for that first payment.

And we will have these videos all uploaded on YouTube, this is going to be a free groceries. But we do have more detailed or step-by-step videos where I explain everything that is done to the plants each day. And show you guys the best things to do for the best results. So again if you want to check those out and sign up for that free trial, just check out the link on your screen and now let’s get started with the germination of the seeds.

The beginning process is more difficult just because you are learning new things and trying to grasp a very delicate process. Because it is almost like as precious as something that can fall out of or into crumbles into seconds. And you don’t want a 140 day process to crumble, so just trying to recognize and realize the responsibility of that. So the difficulty maybe in the beginning was getting to know terminology and efficiency and why and how. And it wasn’t difficult that’s just something that is needing to be learned for anyone that’s a new to Growing. It just takes a little bit of time.

What’s easier than I thought was just the transplanting process. I thought it was going to be a bigger ordeal than it was but once they start having the stems are supported. And the leaves are looking healthy, it is a lot more motivating and a lot more uplifting to see that okay it is moving along. Yeah it gets easier I think as it grows and stabilizes more and as you take care of it and get on a schedule and a routine. So the germination and the seed process is definitely more difficult because you have to watch out for more quality control and more versus now it is more nurturing the plant.

Which is kind of touch and go, so it is a lot easier than I thought afterwards. Cool, so all right guys that concludes the first step in this grow series and like I was saying we will be back shortly for the next update, which is going to be Week 1 of vegetation. Until then…

Happy Growing!

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