Chemdawg Beginner Grow Series: Week 5 of Vegetation + More Defoliation!

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What is up GreenBox Growers, and welcome back for the 5th week of vegetation to the chemdawg beginner grow series! So in this next week I’m really looking forward to seeing the results of that defoliation, the first one we did yesterday as well as that scrog net that we had yesterday. I’m just going to be looking to see some new tops coming up from the bottom and starting to fill out that scrog more nicely.

Yeah, so we should get a lot of good New Growth especially new tops coming in from those trainings we did yesterday as pretty was just mentioning. And now that you guys know what we are doing in this week’s video, let’s get started with day one of the week where we will be doing the next nutrient feeding!

Hey guys, welcome back to the chemdawg grow series it is day one of the week. The plants are looking awesome as usual, we have the scrog net in place now, we’ve done our first defoliation. So today we are going to go ahead and do a nutrient feeding, it is week 3 of the fox farm vegetative cycle. We are going to be doing it at full strength today and we will be doing a full gallon but we will see if they need that full gallon.

They may only need three-quarters of it but we will see how that goes. And then we also added the full teaspoon of Cal Mag into this mix. We will also go ahead and do the usual shaking of the T&B Naturals CO2 canisters, just want to get that activated and adding CO2 back into the air. We are going to do some LST today and then we will do the usual misting as well. Okay guys so we will go ahead and get all of that started and then I will see you tomorrow for the second day of the week!

Hey guys welcome back to the Chemdawg grow series and I am very excited with the results we have gotten since our first defoliation and since we added that scrog net! The left plant has some catching up to do but as you can see the plant on the right, we already have a top all the way up through the SCROG and then we have four very close behind tops that are about to pass through. So I’m very excited with these results, we did a watering yesterday so we are going to go ahead and just leave the soil be today.

We will shake TNB Naturals CO2 canister of course just to get some CO2 going in the air, and then we will do a misting as well. I did want to mention during this video just so we make sure you aren’t forgetting, with our temperature we want to maintain around 72 to 78° Fahrenheit, and then with humidity we are looking for 60 to 65%.

We have already done so, and remember it is good to do that in the morning just so you get the CO2 release throughout the whole day. And then lastly we are going to be doing a quick misting. For our watering guys, we are going to be doing a whole gallon today so that is split between the two plants. And then for the defoliation we will be using our Fisker trimmers here as usual.  And then lastly we will be turning at the light today guys, we will be turning up our CanaGrow Cre Cob LED just about 5 to 7% somewhere around there. Okay so that does it and we will see you guys tomorrow for a new week!

Alright Growers so that concludes another very exciting week to the Chemdawg beginner grow series! Yeah so just a recap, we basically did a defoliation to the left plant just so we could get some light to the lower leaves and get those lower tops up to the scrog. And we also added in that second light this week because we really wanted to get a bigger footprint of light over those plants. And in this coming week or two we can expect to see a lot more upward growth because of that and because of the defoliation it will add more light. And hopefully in about two weeks we will be ready for flower. Yep so that concludes week 5 for the Chemdawg beginner grow series and we will see you guys back here for week 6 shortly!

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