BILLINGS – This November, voters will decide if marijuana can be sold within Billings’ city limits. On Tuesday, the city council talked about what that could look like if the people vote yes.

One of the big items discussed was implementing a cap on the number of open adult-use and medical marijuana dispensaries.

They also talked about setting up buffer zones between dispensaries and sensitive areas such as schools, daycares and public parks, and maintaining a 1,000 foot gap between dispensaries and these areas.

When determining how to regulate dispensaries, the council looked at Pueblo, Colorado because of safeguards implemented there.

“I do know that Pueblo has the ability to inspect records and inspect books to determine, at their own level, an audit to determine whether or not there appears to be product going out the back door, because that is a risk,” Assistant City Attorney Karen Tracy said.

It’s possible the city could put in an ordinance similar Pueblo’s. 


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