Caregivers for Life, one of Denver’s early marijuana dispensaries, has been sold to Colorado dispensary chain Green Dragon.

Caregivers for Life began as a medical marijuana dispensary in 2009, then expanded to recreational sales shortly after they became legal in January 2014. According to Green Dragon co-owner Alex Levine, the dispensary’s location at 310 St. Paul Street made it a desirable acquisition.

“We thought the location was great. They’ve really been the only dispensary in Cherry Creek proper for over ten years,” Levine says. “The area is rapidly growing. With all of the hotels and development in that area, we’re excited to provide those products to Cherry Creek.”

The transition at the store has already started, with new signage on the way and plans to double the size of the retail space after a location expansion. Most of the dispensary staff was retained, Levine notes.

Caregivers for Life will continue as a separate wholesale cultivation and infused-product brand. Over the last several years, Caregivers for Life has become a popular outlet for Rick Simpson Oil, the highly concentrated dose of cannabis oil used for severely ill patients. It will continue making RSO, with Green Dragon as a retail customer.

According to Levine, the new Green Dragon will keep the location’s medical license, making it the only current Green Dragon store offering medical sales. “We’re really excited for our foray back into medical,” he says. “It’s how we started this whole thing.”

This marks the third dispensary takeover for Green Dragon in the metro area in just over six months; it has a new location at 1250 Grant Street and in Boulder. And Levine says that another Denver purchase could be coming this year.


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