CADILLAC — It’s looking less likely that marijuana businesses will have all their permits in place by the end of the month.

Due to scheduling conflicts, Cadillac’s Marihuana Establishment and Medical Marihuana Facility Selection Committee in Cadillac won’t meet again until Wednesday, August 26 at 10 a.m.

The committee met Thursday afternoon to decide on a review process and schedule the date for reviewing the 14 applications received for four marijuana retail licenses in Cadillac (two recreational, two medical).

It’s expected to be an hours-long meeting. All 14 applicants will be offered the chance to do a five-minute presentation and to answer questions from the committee for five minutes. Additionally, the committee will discuss the applications and come to a consensus regarding how they should be scored.

City Manager Marcus Peccia, City Attorney Mike Homier, Public Safety Director Adam Ottjepka, Community Development Director John Wallace and Planning Commission Chair John Putvin are on the committee. They indicated it’s possible the review session will go into a second day.

City council previously approved a scoring sheet by which the applicants will be judged; however, the exact process the committee will follow to arrive at scores was not spelled out.

Homier indicated that he would prefer if the committee scored by consensus, rather than taking the average of the committee members’ scores for each applicant. He said the discussion between committee members might bring overlooked details to light that would impact the score.

“I think you only get there once you have that discussion,” Homier said.

While the committee will score and award provisional licenses to four of the 14 applicants, the process doesn’t end there. After receiving a conditional license, applicants will need to get a state license. They’ll then need to get a special use permit from the planning commission. The planning commission is due to meet two days before the selection committee.

The selection committee will meet via Zoom on August 26.


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