Constantine Village Council has set a public hearing for a proposed recreational marijuana ordinance for 7:05 p.m. on May 18.

The hearing was rescheduled from March 30, due to Gov. Whitmer’s “Stay Home-Stay Safe” order.

Prior to the council’s meeting, Honeysett posted a notice that only one item would be on the agenda, and the number of people attending the meeting was limited to 10.

Village manager Mark Honeysett told the council it had an option to set up “virtual meetings”in the future. 

“We can have people participate in council meetings remotely rather than showing up in person to hear or comment on business conducted at meetings,” Honeysett said. “According to Great Lakes Technology in Three Rivers, it’s relatively simple. but I can’t guarantee we’ll have it in place for our next council meeting on April 20

Several council members indicated they would rather hold a regular council meeting that allowed as many people who wish to attend, for the May 18 public hearing.

Trustee Kenda Cartagena said public hearings need to be in public, not virtual.

“I want to see people’s faces, hear their tone of voice,” Cartagena said. “ With the state being down with Whitmer’s order, these recreational marijuana applications people are filing with the state are not a priority anyway.

Honeysett said a later date would give village attorney Howard Bush adequate time to finish a final draft of the ordinance.

“Bush can ‘parrot’ the medical marijuana ordinance, including the distances establishments have to be from homes and churches,” Honeysett said. “The public has offered a lot of helpful suggestions here, including the one from the guy who wants to open a micro business in the old dentist’s office downtown.”

Honeysett said Bush would complete a final draft of the recreational marijuana ordinance by next week at the latest, for council members to consider.









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