(KLAS) —
Cannabis companies across the valley are making big changes,
following a state-wide order from the governor. Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak
is demanding that non-essential businesses shut down to stop the spread of COVID-19.

Dispensaries are considered
essential, but they must be delivery-only.

Dispensaries have made that
switch across Las Vegas. That includes the Nevada Wellness Center, but the
staff here is working on another option.

Phones have been ringing off
the hook for deliveries, and employees are packing up products. But starting Sunday,
their workflow is changing. Owner Frank Hawkins says he’s creating a pick-up
system, similar to a fast-food drive thru.

“You’re going to pull
your car up here and park,” Hawkins said. “You take your menu, you
call to the store, you order what you want.”

Once you get a call saying
your order is ready, you’ll pick it up without going all the way inside.

“I pay, he puts it
there, he closes it, I take the product out, put it in my bag, and I leave,
exit the facility,” Hawkins explained.

Only one person will be
allowed in at a time and a security guard will disinfect the handles and
counters between customers. Hawkins says he wants the governor’s office to
allow this new process, because he believes another option to delivery is

“It allows the
underprivileged, those that don’t have a lot of money, because right now,
people are having to pay a delivery fee in this neighborhood, and we are a
local dispensary, they can’t afford it. And that’s not right, that’s wrong,”
Hawkins said.

Hawkins understands the
regulations are meant to stop the spread of the coronavirus, but he still wants
to cater to customers.

“We’re all Nevadans and
we care about our state and we want to help people,” Hawkins said.

Nevada Wellness Center plans
to contact the governor’s office on Monday, and they hope to get their new
system approved.


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