PITTSBURGH, Aug. 4, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — FARMACEUTICALRX (“FARMACEUTICALRX” or the “Company”), a multistate medical marijuana operator and therapeutics company, today announced that it has launched a new brand of products, Burst of Wellness, targeting patients focused on both quality products and value pricing. 

FARMACEUTICALRX develops premier high-quality craft and innovative products under its existing FARMACEUTICALRX brand.  The new Burst of Wellness brand combines both the quality that FARMACEUTICALRX is known for, but at a lower price point, with the goal of expanding the Company’s reach to a broader demographic of patients. 

“Our FARMACEUTICALRX branded products target patients focused on premier, high-quality and innovative products developed from our organic living soil cultivation platform,” commented Rebecca Myers, Chief Executive Officer of FARMACEUTICALRX.  “We are excited to expand our reach with our Burst of Wellness brand that combines the quality that our Company is known for with value pricing.  This new brand expands our product portfolio and offers more patients quality medicine at affordable prices.  Our scientific formulations will continue to deliver a consistent and reliable experience with this new brand of products,” Myers continued. “In light of the global pandemic and the economic challenges that so many Americans are facing, we wanted to launch this affordable line of products so that more patients can access our high-quality medicine.” 

The Burst of Wellness product portfolio will initially launch with a selection of vape cartridges. These products will be produced from FARMACEUTICALRX’s organic and living soil grown cannabis.  All FARMACEUTICALRX premium branded products contain no diluents and are developed 100% from FARMACEUTICALRX organically grown plants – including the terpenes.   Burst of Wellness products will contain no diluents of any kind and will be made with FARMACEUTICALRX’s organic and living soil grown cannabis plus all natural, botanically derived terpenes. FARMACEUTICALRX is targeting THC potency levels of 80% or greater in the Burst of Wellness vape cartridge category. 

“FARMACEUTICALRX is launching the Burst of Wellness brand in order to expand access to care to more patients and to appeal to dispensary teams with this quality brand at the right price point at a time when patients need it the most,” Myers stated.

The Burst of Wellness brand will initially launch in Pennsylvania with expansion projected in Ohio later this year.   The Company is ramping production of the Burst of Wellness branded products in order to meet the full anticipated market demand for this new category of products. 

FARMACEUTICALRX is focused on advancing the knowledge base around medical marijuana therapies. The Company’s formulation and branding engine is powered by multiple R&D relationships with premier academic centers held by its biotech partner company, Cannex Scientific. FARMACEUTICALRX is committed to offering the highest-quality products to patients in the Pennsylvania market as well as in the Ohio market later this year.

ABOUT FARMACEUTICALRX.  FARMACEUTICALRX is a leading multi-state operator and therapeutics company focused on bringing innovations through research and development to the medical marijuana sector.  FARMACEUTICALRX has a vertically integrated multi-state operational platform.  FARMACEUTICALRX and its affiliated companies are licensed to offer high quality medical marijuana therapeutics to more than 26 million patients in Ohio and Pennsylvania.  FARMACEUTICALRX is led by a world-class team of scientists, healthcare and cannabis industry professionals who are driven by the discovery, development, and manufacturing of revolutionary, high quality products through its vertically integrated platform. Our innovation is your future health.  Learn more at

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