Feminised or Auto Flowering Seeds. Choosing the right cannabis plant for your growing preference all starts with your choice of seeds. Fortunately, modern cultivators now have a wealth of selections when it comes to marijuana plants as there are regular, feminised, and auto-flowering seeds.

All offer their distinct advantages and disadvantages, but the best one largely depends on your budget, experience, time, available space, and patience.

Newbies and seasoned growers alike are familiar with regular seeds, but what’s special about feminised and auto-flowering seeds? With that in mind, the guide aims to dig behind its roots and reveal what the wonder plant has to offer in each type:

What are Feminised Seeds?

Feminised seeds are the go-to choice for those who want to grow in bulk as the fertile bunch promises to germinate into female plants every time. It is characterised by being a female-only plant, which eliminates the chances of sprouting male greens.

They are made by stressing out female plants, which trigger the cannabis plant’s ability to pollinate themselves even without the assistance of male genes in the area. Seeing as female plants are responsible for production, you can expect to reap high-quality buds and exceptional yields with an all-female gang.

Because of its 100% assurance, feminised seeds come at a hefty price tag, though every penny is worth it knowing that you can save on time and effort in the long run.

Why Should You Choose Feminised Seeds?

Choosing to rely on all-female cannabis plants can transform your experience as a grower as it takes the guesswork out of germination. Not only will it save you a massive sum of money on dead seeds, but it also reduces the time it takes to nurture the seeds only to risk your efforts when finding out you need to dispose of 50% of the male plants.

One of the primary benefits of feminised seeds is its guarantee of producing a hearty harvest. After all, it’s the female’s job to create buds, so even those without green thumbs can expect exponential yields with a productive, all-female crop. The uniformity of the results makes feminised seeds an excellent choice for growing large productions.

What are Auto-Flowering Seeds?

As the moniker suggests, auto-flowering has the uncanny ability to skip the vegetative stage and progress into flowering without the need to adopt a new light schedule. It’s an ideal introductory seed as auto-flowering seeds eliminate plenty of steps in the growing process, such as analyzing the best time cycle to assist the plant’s transition into their next phase.

By skipping the 12-12 light schedule, you can grow seeds effortlessly and expect a lightning-fast harvest.

Why Should You Choose Auto-Flowering Seeds?

The number one quality of auto-flowering seeds is that it promises maximum convenience for growers of all levels. The plant’s ability to flower on their own takes some responsibility off a load of growers. Not to mention, auto-flowering plants boast of hardy and robust properties, which make them resistant to pests, disease, mold contamination, and challenging weather.

The low-maintenance personality of the plants makes it ideal for inexperienced growers as they can produce a quality bunch at half the time and effort it takes to grow using traditional seeds.

Another benefit is that auto-flowering seeds are distinctly small compared to the standard size of other marijuana strains. The dwarf-life nature makes them ideal for growing in compact spaces, though it’s only natural that cutting back the time and height lowers the overall yields compared to regular or feminised counterparts.

Wrapping Up

The best seeds for your cannabis crop all depends on a variety of factors. Both offer their own charm, so it’s up to you to consider which qualities best suit your budget, time, and spatial limitations.

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