MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) — The month of July not only brings heat, but some loud noises as well. As Americans prepare to celebrate the 4th of July with Fireworks, the festivities can cause major anxiety in pets. Local cannabis shops suggest CBD oil as an alternative way to helping your pets cope during this time.

“The benefits for CBD oil for pets ranges pretty greatly – everywhere from your standard arthritis to more in depth pain related conditions like hip dysplasia – can be anything inflammation related and then a lot of anxiety related issues as well,” said Owner of Coastal Green Wellness, David Spang.

Spang said he first noticed the benefits CBD oil had on his own dog, Finn.

“Fireworks with him, thunderstorms too but mainly fireworks, he hates it, he will go hide in the bathroom, he will shake, visibly shake, he’ll pant a lot even to the point where there’s some droll,” Spang said. “He won’t even go outside that night, nor the next morning, he will be really hesitant so I’ll give him some CBD in the days leading up like now he’s on it and the day of 4th of July I’ll give him a dose in the morning, a dose in the evening, and if he does start acting bad, I can start giving him a little bit of an extra dose. He’s still by me on the couch, he’s still attentive to what’s going on, it doesn’t knock him out, but he’s by me on the couch, he’ll go outside, he’s not shaking he’s not panting, he’s still aware, but you do notice a pretty big difference.”

Spang said there’s two options that the CBD can be administered to pets.

“So we have 2 options, either way they do need to ingest it,” Spang said. “Option A is our pet treats, but they do tend to get expensive when u have pets over 20 or 30 pounds. When they break that weight you just wanna move to a tincture which is just an oil infused with CBD.”

Spang said his sales have gone up this week with more customers coming in to see how CBD can help their pets too.

Myrtle Beach resident, Rebecca Alvarez, came to Coastal Green Wellness after her dog, Jack Jack was experiencing extreme anxiety.

“I just can’t stand to see him like this anymore so I could take him to the vet and get him some drugs that are gonna knock him out or make him really tired and stuff like that, but I do want him to be his friendly normal outgoing self so I really wanted to try the CBD to see how he reacts to it, to see if it helps with this anxiety,” said Alvarez.

Lead doctor at Myrtle Beach Animal Hospital, Dr. Isabelle Ying said, “As a whole, I think CBD oils are something that we as a society are going to shift more towards, however because it is a supplement there currently is no regulation in terms of it’s manufacturing and or distribution.”

Ying said those looking to buy CBD oil for their pets, have to do their research and look for a good product.

You could get a really great product that has the correct percentages of CBD in it with no toxicity, there’s no contaminants and that can be a really fantastic product for you to be giving to your pet, however the next person in the store over could be selling you what looks like the same product but it actually doesn’t have CBD in it or not the correct amount of CBD and or contaminants that could potentially be dangerous if not fatal to your pet,” said Dr. Ying.

“So making sure whatever carrier you’re buying CBD from, has lab work on hand to show you or batch tracked a little QR codes on the label that will take you to lab work associated with that batch of product,” said Spang.

For more tips on how to prepare your pets for the 4th of July weekend, visit this link.


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