Getting Your Medical Marijuana Card !

This is exactly what its like when you get your medical marijuana card in California….doctors office n all.

I got my card when I was 18 and i haven’t not had it ever since!

I had to renew my card so I went down to Delta 9 in downtown LA
( 1753 S. Hill st unit 4 Los Angeles , CA 90015 )
They always take care of me down there and I appreciate it !!!

There are hella benefits to having the card… I know its recreational n
but when you have the medical card your taxes on weed are waaaay lower !

If you need to get your medical card then go to the address listed in the descriptions… for updates or questions follow Delta 9 on IG.

Instagram: @GetD9Prescribed

Thank you guys for effin watching…i hella appreciate your support.
Smoke it the fuck up and have a dope ass day!!

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