When it comes to having a fulfilling experience when enjoying your smoking, then consistency, flavor, and size will all have a role to play in every great hit. But the apparatus you use will also be equally important.

Wholesale glass and wholesale silicone pipes have gained significant popularity among many smokers. So why are they trendy and what benefits do they offer?

Why Glass Smoking Pipes Are Popular

Glass is considered a fragile material; however, the glass pipes offer smooth hits. Surprisingly, they are not that complicated to maintain. Below are some of the reasons glass smoking pipes are gaining notable fame.

•    Smooth Hits and Stain Resistance

They chic appeal that they exude sets the glass pipes up to be the modern smoking devices that will reign well into the future. The premium pipes have percolators that help ensure you enjoy smooth, tasty hits. The material has excellent stain resistance and is unique when it comes to percolation. Cleaning the glass smoking pipes is a breeze, there for it being clean as whistle ensures you always enjoy a perfectly pure session.

•    Intricate and Effective Percolator Design

By design, the glass pipes are artistic pieces, and some of the smokers have a close attachment to their devices to a point where they consider them valuable items. The creativity in the production of these smoking gadgets is exemplified by the many brands and hundreds of intricate designs of these devices. The percolation process is pristine, ensuring a thick, smooth smoke and deep flavor.

•    Easy To Carry And Use

Ideally, most pipes should be pocket-size because they are meant to be portable devices that you can carry without where ever you go. As such, with the glass smoke pipes, you are guaranteed to have and enjoy a session during your travels. Most importantly, you should keep the gadget in its designated carry case.

The Benefits of Silicone Smoking Pipes

Silicone is a versatility material, and its use in the production of smoking pipes has yielded some great products. The silicone smoke pipe is an excellent choice if you tend to break your apparatuses. If you have gone through a few glass devices, over the past few months, then you should consider silicone.

For some of the experienced smoker, the transition is an issue they battle with when switching to silicone from glass. Fortunately, many of the silicone pipes work the same a glass thus making them the perfect alternative. They silicone gadgets have a water filtration capacity similar to that of glass.

Silicone does not get dirty quickly and does not show signs of staining or discoloration because the material is opaque. However, this makes it easy to miss some stain, and thus, the pipe will not be clean, thereby lowering the quality of the flavor. As such, it is advisable to use a glass cleaner on the apparatus routinely to keep it clean.

Differences Between Silicone & Glass Pipes

Ideal, either of the two can be a great choice. But you may consider one to be a better choice over the other is you know and understand the differences between the two.

1.    Durability

Glass is brittle; consequently, the glass bong is prone to breaking easily if know handled with care. Hippie Butler has a Pipe Protect program that can help you learn about using and caring for any of our smoking pieces. The silicone pipe may be, but you can mess it up, and this can go unnoticed, unlike when using the glass pipes.

2.    Quality

Between glass and silicone, the former delivers an unbeaten smoke quality. In most cases, smokers that use have used both pipes say that the silicone bong slowly produces a lower smoke quality, and this keeps declines as the gadgets ages with every use. The piece made from high-grade silicone will not have this issue. Most of the high-end silicon smoke devices have glass parts that help to ensure a great smoking experience.

3.    Cleaning

You need to clean your smoking gadget, irrespective of it being glass or silicone. However, the silicone pipe will require a bit more attention than glass. It is more susceptible to abrasive cleaning methods can glass. As such, you should consider the purchase cost and weight it against the maintenance costs where you factor in the exposure to wear and tear. The ideal option, therefore, would be to invest in both glass and silicone. That way, you will still be able to have a device your pocket and not have to worry about breaking your smoking pipe. You will have a backup piece with you.

Choosing Between The Two

The best way to know which of the two is the best pick, you need to have a first-hand experience of both. While not many people may wish to spend a lot of money getting the silicone and glass smoke pipes, picking one is not such a bad decision. Care and maintaining it properly, and it will serve you well for years to come.


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