“Your job, as part of this conference, is to make sure we launch the industry smartly, compassionately, effectively– and this is where government needs help,” the governor told the industry leaders.

While cannabis is officially legal to use and grow, it will still be months before legal sales can begin– and business can flourish.

“That challenge now is squarely in your laps, and I have no one I trust more than the group at this conference today,” the governor said. “We are going to solve a multitude of challenges, that we’re going to provide equity.”

Cannabis businesses across the state are eager to get started. 

“We really want this to take root in the state,” said Taylor Ortiz of Canna Brothers Development.

“I’m a big fan of really good regulatory structure because I think it’s important for the industry and for public safety,” added Kim Rael, CEO of Azuca.


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