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Cannabis Grow Guide 21+ Legal Medical Cannabis Channel. This channels is for educational and documentation purposes only.
Growing medical cannabis with LED grow lights and Canna coco products. Currently using Horticulture lighting group LED Grow Lights in my Cannabis Garden. Like Comment Share Subscribe!

***Quantum Board 304 Giveaway***

Giveaway link:

***Driver Options For QB 304***

HLG-120H-C1400 A or B For Single Board $55.00 (dimmable B version)
HLG 185H-C1400 A or B For Single or Double $51.00 (dimmable B version)
HLG-240H-C1400 A or B For Two Boards $81.00

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InstaGram: @cannabisgrowguide420

HLG 550 Sale (1000w HPS rep.) –
HLG 300 Kit –
HLG-65 Kits – $99
2x HLG QB288 Quantumn Boards –
4x HLG QB 120 Quantum Boards (3000k) $124.50 –

***USA Seed Vendors***
Seedsmans Seeds: Pay with Bitcoin for freebies.
Crop King Seeds:

Rosineer Rosin Press:


***DIY LED Quantum Board 304 Parts***
Meanwell 320h 1400B Driver (60 to 320w @ the wall in series)
HLG-240H 2100B $62.37 + shipping at
HLG Quantum Boards & Slate 1 Heatsinks
Angle Aluminum –
4-40 drill and tap –
Tap holder –
4-40 / 1/2″ stainless screws –
Female crimp connectors –
2 way wagos –
18 gauge solid core wire –
Toggle switch –
Power cord –
100k ohm potentiometer –
Simple Soldering Kit –

***Biggest Little Grow Box***
36″x18″x72″ Storage Cabinet
PlatinumLED P300
VenTech 4″ exhaust system
6″ table fan

***Cannabis Grow Guide: DIY Aero Cloner for just $35***
get all the parts you need just below.

manifold sprayer

Sub Pump –
1-3/4″ hole saw –
2″ Colars –

***Micro Grower Items***
7 way LED light adapter
Single Light Socket with Switch & 12FT cord
DIY LED Flowering Bulb 2700k 10W
DIY LED Veg Bulb 5000k 11W
Ultra Slim Lasko Oscillating Tower Fan
Mini Intake / Exhaust USB Fans for MicroGrow Box

PH and PPM tester
PH Pen Single
Adjustable grow light hangars (yoyo’s)
12 Pack Bud YoYo’s
2 mil Mylar
Chaplin 2 Gallon Sprayer
#1 Seed Starter Fabric Pots
#3 Medium Size Flower Fabric Pots
#5 Large Size Flower Fabric Pots
8″ Round Pot Rack

***Harvesting Tools***
Trimming Scissors
60x Zoom Lense Attachable to Phone Camera
Digital Hydrometer Humidty and Temperature

***Growing Medium***
Botanicare Coco Medium

Canna Coco A & B
Canna Boost Accelerator Flowering
Canna PK 13/14

Organic Nector For The Gods

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Mr Pink by Topher Mohr & Alex Elena

Music: Jarlie – So High
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