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This episode, we take you to beautiful British Columbia, Canada, right in the heart of the Kootenays. Since the early 70’s, this pristine, snow-capped mountainous region has been a key player in Canada’s billion dollar Cannabis industry. Resident of Nelson, BC, and host of our Garden Sage segments, David Robinson takes on the title of Garden Tour Guide and shows you around two beautiful craft gardens, while giving some valuable tips about hydroponics retail and the secrets behind breeding cannabis.

If you want to grow in an area with an annual winter snowfall averaging almost 6 feet, you will need a pretty good shelter for your plants; particularly a highly insulated building, like our first garden. In this garden, David shows us around the mother and propagation rooms. Taking control of your destiny in your garden and managing your own genetics is one of the most powerful ways to avoid purchasing “problems”. A lot of times, when gardeners take cuttings from other gardeners, they also receive unintended guests such as disease, pathogens, and pests. By keeping rooms that strictly house “mother” plants, we can keep them in good health, and be responsible for our genetics.


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