Caliva product (file) (copy)

Product from Caliva’s San Jose cannabis facility.

HANFORD — The Hanford City Council on Tuesday approved an amendment to the municipal code that will help expedite the opening of a cannabis dispensary in the city.

Caliva, one of the two approved cannabis dispensaries in the city, is very close to being able to open its storefront location at 104 N. Douty St.

In order to expedite its opening date, the company plans to open in phases — the first of which is to operate as a delivery-only dispensary. According to the city staff report, doing so will allow Caliva to commence operation and begin to build the local market and generate sales while continuing to finish the required improvements necessary to open their storefront and full retail operation.

However, the city’s current ordinance only allows the retailer to keep a one-week supply of cannabis onsite. The company said this restriction does not allow for enough cannabis to be stored onsite to meet the demand based on the current supply structure.

Thus, Caliva requested that the ordinance be amended to allow for six weeks’ worth of cannabis to be stored on site.

A motion to approve the request was passed by a 4-1 vote by council.

The requirements Caliva must follow include:

  • Product must be secured in a locked vault to which customers, visitors and vendors shall not have access.
  • Must have 24-hour security.
  • All product must be entered into the state mandated track and trace system.
  • Excess product storage shall not exceed the amount of product that would typically be used in a six-week period.
  • Separate security plan for the additional product being stored shall be approved by the chief of police.

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