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If you haven’t yet treated yourself to a hot coffee, tea or a healthy cold protein smoothie made with potent CBD, you don’t know what your mind and body are missing.

While CBD has become rather popular over the last few years, it is more than simply a chic trend. Customers gobble up colorful CBD Gummies and depend on CBD topicals for smooth skin.

But there is no denying the growing popularity of oil tinctures now being used in drinks.

How to Make CBD Tea or Coffee

Waking up to a refreshing morning coffee or a nice warm tea is always a nice start to the day. Now, once you infuse it with CBD, you will like it even more! This article will teach you how to infuse CBD into coffee, tea, or a smoothie.

It is fairly expensive to buy premade CBD tea packets or coffee formulated mixes, so we wanted to show people how they can save some money by making CBD drinks. There are two main benefits of making the drink yourself.

The first benefit is the tea or coffee becomes much more affordable. The second benefit is the recipe allows you to control the potency to fit your preference.

We recommend calculating the potency of the infused tea or coffee prior to making it. This will allow you to adjust the recipe so the tea or coffee contains the amount of CBD you want!

To make this recipe, you will need one main ingredient that you can’t purchase at the grocery store. That ingredient is CBD isolate. CBD isolate is super easy to use and much more affordable.

CBD Tea and Coffee Dosage Guide

We always recommend that you calculate the potency of your homemade edibles prior to making them. Then you will be able to adjust and alter the recipe until it fits your preferences. To find the potency of your infused tea, you will need to know the amount of CBD isolate used.

To calculate the potency of the infused tea, measure the amount of CBD isolate used in the infusion. The package of CBD where it comes in should have guidelines and directions on how to do this.

Most importantly use a scale to measure the amount of CBD the recipe needs. This method is more precise and you can get the exact dosage you need. CBD is measured in milligrams (mg), so if the scale reads 0.1g (grams) that is equivalent to 100mg.

CBD Tea or Coffee Recipe


– Keurig or single serve coffee maker (optional)
– Kettle
– Tea bag or coffee mix of your choice
– 1 Mug


– 8 oz. water (purified)
– CBD isolate US Customary–Metric


– Boil water in a kettle and pour it into a mug of your choice.
– Place a tea bag in the mug and allow it to steep for 3-4 minutes. If making coffee add one or two small spoons of coffee mix.
– Add the CBD isolate to the tea or coffee. Make sure to measure the dosage, prior to adding it.
– Enjoy!

How to Make a CBD Protein Smoothie

What could be better than kicking off your day with a delicious CBD protein smoothie? You already know how refreshing the creamy beverage of fruit, meshed with yogurt or juice can be. But add a little CBD into to the mix and you have a healthy recipe that is sure to satisfy.

What makes a CBD protein smoothie so special is effective CBD oil. Every ingredient in the top CBD tincture oil is extremely straightforward, like MCT oil and CBD taken from the hemp.

Then there are the simple elements, whether we are talking about liquid honey or coconut oil, that supply the top-notch flavor. Rubber droppers make it easy to get the precise amount of CBD you desire on a daily basis.

CBD Protein Super Berry Smoothie Recipe

Keep in mind that every individual may have his or her personal preferences. Some people may prefer a Super Berry CBD Smoothie that is rich in avocado or contains a higher quantity of CBD oil. Some folks like to add honey, if not maple syrup or chia to the mix.

While one’s imagination can set the limits to his or her CBD protein smoothie, there are some common favorites out there. For instance, folks love strawberry, mango, and tangy banana oatmeal smoothies.

Healthy green smoothies are made with baby spinach, unsweetened almond milk and non-fat Greek yogurt.


– 1 banana
– 1 avocado
– 1 cup of non-fat Greek yogurt
– ½ cup of strawberries
– ½ cup blueberries
– ½ cup almond milk
– 1 to 2 tablespoons of Full Spectrum CBD Oil

Maybe you should start off slowly by making your treat with a 50 mg tincture. That should be enough to help you manage physical and emotional stress.

Over time, you can work your way up 250 mg, a 1000mg CBD oil tincture or even more. Blend it all together for a good 15 seconds and you have yourself a CBD protein smoothie to enjoy.

Thanks to the natural CBD, stress fades away, allowing you to completely relax while experiencing a peaceful state that improves your quality of sleep at night.

That means you can hop out of bed the next day looking and feeling completely energized. Even fading memory skills tend to improve with better rest.

When relying on CBD oil tincture, there is absolutely nothing to fear. Everything is laboratory tested to ensure consumer safety.

In fact, dependable CBD stores online have their lab results shared on their business websites. CBD always takes care of business. That should certainly be enough to put a smile on your face.


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