Squires adds cannabis shop

Vernon’s newest cannabis shop opened its doors June 1.

And it’s in a familiar location – but have no fear, Highlander Cannabis has not replaced Squires Four Pub.

While the Stickle Road watering hole remains closed due to COVID-19 restrictions, management say on Facebook they look forward to reopening soon.

“We just wanted to clarify that Squires Four Pub is just closed temporarily … (the) pub will be back open as soon as they can, as this is just for now, not forever!?

“Highlander Cannabis is an addition to the Squires Four family and is not replacing the pub.”

Highlander opened its doors inside the same building on the Swan Lake auto mile.

The addition to the pub and liquor store on site adds everything the recreational puffer might need – from bevvies to whet the whistle, to munchies to follow the weed.

“With a pub, liquor store and now a cannabis store, there’s no need to go anywhere else,” Highlander said on its Facebook page.


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