To ensure that you understand the scope of Eybna’s work, let me first take a moment to explain what terpenes are for those who still don’t know.  Terpenes are hydrocarbons found in oils within the trichomes of a cannabis plant, which are responsible for giving cannabis their smell and flavor. Besides the smell and taste, terpenes are known to enhance ones high. People used to think that THC was the only chemical responsible for the psychoactive effect of cannabis, but in 2011, in a paper by Ethan Russo, we learned that many other cannabinoids enhance the impact of THC; among which are CBD and terpenes. When companies look to create products that include terpenes, they buy terpenes from Eybna.  

In comes Eybna. A company set out to target the untapped terpenes industry. Eybna is considered to be a forward-thinking R&D company whose focus is “botanical medicine.” They are currently involved in 11 research collaborations with top cannabis R&D teams across the globe.

To create their terpene rich extracts, Eybna follows a streamlined process. For each new product, the first thing they do is decide on the chemovar. Past chemovars include OG Kush, Bubba Kush, Super Silver Haze, Skunk, Cheese, and Blueberry. Working with 91 of the different terpenes found in cannabis, the sky is the limit for what Eybna can choose to create.

The next step is analytics, where they take the harvested flower, and through GC-MS, they analyze the natural terpene components. With this data, they focus on the raw materials and combine the most appropriate terpenes for the strain they chose in the first step. 

After they’ve determined which terpene blend is most appropriate, they formulate the terpenes according to their analytics into an extremely boutique terpene profile. From now on, all that’s left is testing and packaging. They test solvents, pesticides, cannabinoids, and terpenes to reach the safest cannabinoid-free terpene formulation. Lastly, they examine the ready formula with the flavorist and professional breeders to make the final adjustments for a 96.67% pure product.

Although Eybnas efforts are not the only ones being made to further the medical use of terpenes, they are at the forefront of this revolutionary turn for cannabis. To stay up to date with their developments, you can look up their newly released service “Delta” which is a collaboration by Eybna and Steep Hill. This breakthrough service allows brands to customize their terpene content, creating the most individually tailored end-product possible in the terpene market.


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