Growing quality marijuana starts from the seed. But how can you tell if the cannabis seed is actually good or not? How can you determine if what you have right now will turn into great buds? While genetics play a role in its standard, proper care will nurture these seeds to grow into lush plants.

Color, shape, luster, and texture

Health marijuana seed will carry the light to dark brown color and has the pattern of a turtle’s shell on its coat. The seed’s color will also help you determine whether the seed was collected at full growth or was harvested prematurely. Meanwhile, green and white ones are underdeveloped. Likewise, good seeds look like a plump teardrop while flat ones are unlikely to grow into quality plants.

On the other hand, high-grade seeds have a glossy coating while the dull ones must be discarded. Finally, prime seeds are firm because of their strong coating. In contrast, tender or squishy seeds will yield poor marijuana.

Size and weight

Higher quality seeds tend to be bigger because there is more energy stored inside, helping it grow into a productive plant. Therefore, fewer of them comprise higher volumes like a gram or an ounce. To avoid discarding seeds by mistake, keep in mind that Indica strains are naturally bigger than Sativa.

Since bigger seeds pack more quality, they tend to be heavier as well when compared to the not-so-good ones. Older or damaged seeds lose the nutrients packed inside, making them smaller and dry due to lack of moisture.

Does the seed float?

To determine whether the seed will sink or float, place distilled room temperate water deep enough in a container and soak the seed in it. Those that are still floating after a few hours are great seeds. Doing this procedure allows the water to be absorbed by the protective membrane to signal that it’s time to grow. Leave for 24 hrs. in a warm, dark place and the cannabis seeds should have sunk to the bottom. Don’t worry if some seeds have not sunk, give the water a stir. If seeds are still floating, change the water and leave for another 12hrs. Any seeds that are still floating can be planted but its chances of germination are slimmer.

How long were the seeds stored?

Knowing the answer to this is a huge factor in determining the seed’s health. While cannabis seeds can be planted for up to ten years after storage, the best ones are often stored in a cool, dark, and dry place for 12 to 18 months. These conditions prevent the germination of fungi that can damage the seed. Storing them in a freezer keeps them in excellent condition as well.

How much are the seeds?

After taking into consideration all of the factors mentioned above, the best marijuana seed does not come cheap. However, some sellers may con you into buying inferior seed by jacking up the price. You’ll know if it’s too good to be true by subjecting the seeds to meticulous inspection. While this is not an extensive list for determining good seed, new cannabis varieties can emerge and they might not have the same standards for quality seeds. Because of this, it pays to do your research and purchase seeds only from trusted producers.

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