How to make Cannabis Tinctures – Blackbeard's Bottle & Funky Cold Medina

FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY. Cannabis tinctures are an alcohol extract of cannabis. You can use your favorite alcohol as long as it is a distilled spirit above 40% alcohol and above 80 proof. Cannabis sugar leaves, trim, under-buds, or rock star buds can be used.
You will need: Alcohol – Over 40% & 80 Proof
Cannabis – Buds, trim, sugar leaf
Freezer, Cheesecloth, Strainer, Bowl, Small Pitcher, A funnel, Coffee Filters, and Jars.
2 OZ. Cannabis to 1 pint or so of EverClear/Clear Springs or 190 Proof pure grain alcohol.
De-Carboxylate the cannabis and break it up into a 1 qt. jar. Pour in alcohol until all cannabis is covered and saturated. Place in the freezer for 5-20 days. Shake the jar a couple times per day.
Remove from freezer after desired time. We believe in using the entire plant. Some like to only capture trichomes. The sooner you take your jar from the freezer (3-5 days) the clearer your tincture will be. The longer you leave it in the greener your tincture will become as the alcohol eats into the plant. Pour into a bowl through cheesecloth. Then pour into a pitcher so it is easy to pour through 2 coffee filters within the funnel… Catch in a jar. It will take over 30 minutes for the tincture to strain. Then repeat and pour through 2 more clean filters… this time it will strain quickly.
Bottle and keep refrigerated.

Repeat above process with 1-1/2 OZ. Weed and 151 RUM of your choice! ~ENJOY! Thanks for watching. Please like, subscribe, & share!
Disclaimer: Cannabis laws are always changing. At the time of this video production tinctures could be produced and or sold. Dispensaries even had them on the shelf. At the time of posting this video laws have changed and this was no longer true.


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