How to make Cannabis Vape Cartridges with Concentrate and Terpenes

In this video I will show just how easy it is to make your own vape cartridges with cannabis concentrates and Terpenes. I am using ceramic core vape cartridges also known as a CCELL, which use only ceramic for the atomizer and accommodate thicker oils. I am also using Holy Terps Pure blend of terpenes which is one of the more cost effective brands I have found. There are several different terpene companies, and Terpenes can come individually or in strain specific blends. Keep a look out for future videos where I will do a comparison of some different terpene companies. I apologise for my shoddy camera work, maybe one day I will be able to purchase a stand. Sigh.

Music used in the video Into your Veins by Five Iron Frenzy


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